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Name unknown Name unknown
A firefly as it appears in the anime.
General information
Appearance Insect
Habitat District 7
Status Unknown
Uses None
Anime Episode 14
Manga Kapitel 3

The Firefly is a small, nocturnal creature that glows in the dark. It has been spotted around District 7 in areas such as the Church and the District hospital.[1]



A firefly as it appears in the manga.

The fireflies are creatures the size of a small hand (roughly 5 inches in length). Their bodies resemble the bodies of fish, having the same v-shaped tail, pectoral fins and dorsal fins as sharks, but having the double-set wings of a dragonfly. Their bodies are a pale blue, and glow white during the night. Their heads are pointy at the nose and shaped like an arrow head, and their eyes are red. They appear to have two antenna at the bottom of their jaw. On closer inspection, their wings are shown to be feathered.

Similarity to real world faunaEdit

The firefly greatly resembles a winged silverfish, sharing the silvery colouring, body shape (including the v-shaped tail and antenna) and nocturnal nature. They glow like real-world fireflies.


Though they can be wary of humans, they aren't too afraid to get close to them.


The fireflies appear in woodland area, but do venture into human habitat.[2]


  1. Kapitel 3 page 10, the fireflies were seen around the Barsburg Church.
  2. In Kapitel 27 page 13, two fireflies were seen in Ria.
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