F-31 F-31
Physical information
Location Unknown (not part of Barsburg Empire)
Language Language of Barsburg
Currency Unknown
Government Democracy
Ruler Guido
Anime NA (manga only)
Location on map

F-31, also known by the nickname 'Eden' is a small floating island that was Frau's childhood home which appeared in the chapter SPEEDSTER. It is an independent nation where Sky Pirates and merchant ships go to relax and stretch their wings. The island covers a radius of 50 kilometres in the air and is accessible to aircraft. According to Magdalen, it is a custom in the island that the new ruler of F-31 is sent from the Barsburg Empire, a neighbouring country. Below 1000 meters of the Island are monsters as highlighted by one of Guido's subordinates.



Magdalen, with a wild Pappy, explains the rules

There is an event in the island called 'Fair Handle' where the challenger stakes his life against the strongest man on the island and other people are eligible to participate regardless of age as Frau managed to enter the race. The fastest, therefore the strongest, man among the Sky Pirates have an obligation to accept the challenge indiscriminately as long as he is the number one champion.

The rules of Fair Handle is that the first contestant to retrieve the wild Pappy is the winner. There is no time limit and any method of capturing it is acceptable. This event also gives the oportunity for fame and reputation as it is watched by most, if not all, the residents of the Island. Guido commented that he took down the last ruler of Eden through Fair Handle. However, it is unclear if other participants are obliged to listen whoever grabbed the Pappy such as in the case of Guido and Frau.



The Hostesses in Eden

There is a tavern on the island that also is apparently called Eden, where Sky Pirates often hang out. Inside the tavern, there is an inner area where special guests are seated like Guido.

Frau worked there as a waiter while he was under Magdalen's care, who was a hostess, before he joined the Sky Pirates. It is unknown whether the tavern or the island have any connection to the Flower of Eden.

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