アイフィッシュ Aifisshu
Castor holding a bowl of Eyefish.
General information
Appearance Aquatic
Habitat District 7
Status Rare (only found in District 7)
Uses Food
Anime Episode 3
Manga Kapitel 3

Eyefish are a type of small, freshwater dwelling fish native to the 7th District. Eyefish are fish that look like an eyeball with fins. Like most fish, they are eaten - despite their uncanny resemblance to a human eye. They are considered a delicacy within District 7 and are used as a substitute for meat (which is prohibited) within the church grounds.

Appearance and TemperamentEdit

The name 'Eyefish' has been given to them due to their resemblance to a human eye. They are the standard size of a natural, human eye, round in shape, with a white, soft, fleshy body. They have a pale blue iris with a dark red ring around the edge, and a slitted black pupil like a snake. Their fins are dark blue, and small compared to the size of the body. The fish are buoyant and slow-moving, due to their small fins and large body, making them relatively easy targets for predators. However, their large, single eye allows them a great range of vision. The Eyefish appear to be docile and calm creatures, largely ignorant of their surroundings.


Eyefish are freshwater fish. The only known place where Eyefish have been recorded are in the Church reservoir, where they thrive in a predator-free environment. Due the fish largely being slow and defenceless it is implied (like chickens) that the species has been completely domesticated and would not survive on its own in the wild.

Farming and as foodEdit

  • The Eye Stew in the anime
  • The Eye Stew in the manga
Today we have received a wonderful ingredient... a large, and valuable supply of Eyefish.

—A nun, whilst eating the Eyefish.

Due to those in the 7th District being unable to eat meat, they heavily rely on a large supply of Eyefish as a protein source.[1] They now are bred primarily as a source of food. They have been seen cooked in a soup along with vegetables and are eaten whole.[2]


  • So far, Mikhail is the only character who doesn't like eyefish. [3]
  • Of the fauna in the natural world, the Eyefish mostly resemble a spineless, blown-up puffer fish.


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