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This article is about the landmark. For the two mythical stones, see [[the Eye of Mikhail and Eye of Raphael]]
Eye of God
神の目 Kami no me
An Eye of God, as seen from above.
Physical information
Location District 7 and District 1
Position NA
Manga -
Anime Episode 20
Location on map

The Eye of God is a distinctive crater-like mark left in the earth when the Eye of Mikhail or the Eye of Raphael attacks. There are several Eye of God marks across the land around Districts 7 and 1, and as these two districts were the battlground for most of the Raggs War, most of them were made by the Eye of Raphael.


Modern history[]

That's a memory of a faraway day- to live to see the Eye of God.

—A civillian, commenting on one of the Eyes in District 7.[1]

There is a collection of craters and trenches made in the mountain land outside the Barsburg Church. It was created 17 days after the series start, by the Eye of Mikhail releasing energy at level 40 as it was removed from its wielder.  

The blow that created the Eye of God also destroyed two Barsburg Ribidziles, killing several soldiers in the process.

The Barsburg Armed Forces later released information that the Eye of Raphael had malfunctioned, a claim backed up by the Barsburg Church to hide the existence of the Eye of Mikhail from the civilian public.


The Eye of God appears as three circles within each other (each circle getting progressively smaller) with the rims of each circle having Zaiphon writing engraved into them. When viewed from above, it resembles an eye.


  • In manga chapter 20, the Old Man remarks that he would never have thought he would live long enough to see the light from a God Eye again. This suggests there has been another Eye of God in the past. While he may have been referring to the attack from the Eye of Raphael during the Raggs War, he also remarks that it's an omen of the birth of a new king of Raggs.


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