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Exam badge
試験バッジ Shiken bajji
Teito's exam badge.
Purpose Identification
Owner(s) Various acolytes
Manga Kapitel 9
Anime Episode 11

An Exam Badge is a small, metal trinket, not unlike the Clergy Pass, that is worn on the collar of the uniform of a candidate for the Bishop's Apprentice Exam. It is used as a way of verifying which members of the Barsburg Church are taking the exam.[1]


Sketches of the exam badge.

The badge is silver in colour, shield-shaped, and half the size of the palm of a hand. The cross of the Church is engraved in the centre. Zaiphon lettering is engraved on the bottom. 


  1. In Kapitel 9 page 17, Frau says: "this is proof that you're taking the exam" when giving Teito the exam badge.