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Evie Tree
エーヴィ Eevi
A young Evie tree, as seen in the anime.
General information
Appearance Deciduous
Habitat District 7
Status Unknown (more common than the Flower of Protection)
Uses Wood
Anime Episode 20
Manga Kapitel 20

An Evie Tree is a deciduous tree found in the lowlands of Barsburg Empire. Native to the 7th District, it appears hardened to climatic extremes and periods of drought. It is rumoured to be the longest living tree in the world.[1]


The leaves of the Evie tree are almond-shaped and forest green in colour, with cross-like markings on them in a lighter shade of green. The leaves appear to glow when in the dark. Its bark is smooth.

Because of its long lifespan, a fully grown Evie tree is well over 70 feet in height, with a trunk of more than 4 metres in diameter.[2] It resembles an Oak tree in shape. At the beginning of its life, an Evie tree has 2 leaves.

Manga Synopsis[]

It was first seen when Labrador brought it to Frau, after Bastien was reincarnated as one, and Frau says that he will plant it in the sunniest part of the garden. Labrador and Castor had searched for that Evie tree to reunite Frau with Bastien.


  • Considering the similarities in their names, it is possible that the Evie Tree is named after the goddess Eve.
  • While the Evie Tree's status (whether it is common or rare) is unknown, Castor and Frau were not shocked when Labrador gave an Evie Tree sapling away, in contrast to their reaction when they heard Labrador had given a Flower of Protection to Teito. This suggests that the Evie Tree is common, or at least less rare than the Flower of Protection.


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