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Eve's Death was the accidental murder of Eve, the daughter of the Chief of Heaven, at the hands of Verloren, the God of Death, and is the precursor of all other conflicts in the series. 


Verloren's defect[]

Verloren was created by the Chief of Heaven, who gave him the responsibility of assigning human souls to different destinations in the afterlife: HeavenHell and Purgatory. At the same time, Verloren was not supposed to let emotions interfere with his work, or he would develop a defect that would turn everyone and everything he came into contact with 'black like mud'.

Meeting Eve[]

Despite the Chief's efforts to keep them apart, Verloren and Eve met one day, grew closer after their first meeting and eventually fell in love. 

History leading up to conflict[]

The Chief's decision[]

The Chief of Heaven decided to imprison and execute Verloren, despite his (the Chief's) advisors' objections. 

Rescue attempt[]

Refusing to accept her father's decision, Eve tried to break Verloren out of prison. Verloren, who had already accepted his fate, resisted at first, but a while later, cooperated with her and escaped his prison.

The conflict[]

Heavenly Guards[]

However, Eve's rescue mission was derailed when some heavenly guards arrived and attempted to attack Verloren. Eve defended Verloren, to the dismay of the guards, who tried to convince her to leave; however, she refused and told them not to harm him.

Eve's injury[]

Inadvertently, an attack by one of the heavenly guards that was intended for Verloren missed and hit Eve instead. Injured, Eve began to collapse.

Accidental murder[]

Verloren caught hold of Eve, forgetting that he was forbidden to touch anyone because of his defect. Eve died almost instantly after falling into his arms.

Eve's death amongst flowers of Eden.


Eve's burial[]

Verloren buried Eve in a field of the Flower of Eden, a type of flower Eve had found pretty. 

The Chief's accusation and Verloren's descent[]

Enraged, the Chief of Heaven accused Verloren of killing Eve, a charge Verloren did not deny. Maddened with grief and rage, Verloren left heaven and descended to the human world, massacring humans in a desperate attempt to find Eve's soul. This prompted the Chief to create the Seven Ghosts, starting a long chain of events that ended with Verloren's revival about 1000 years later.