Episode Listing is a list of all the episodes of the 07 Ghost anime series. The episodes of the 07 Ghost series were created by Studio DEEN. Directed by Nobuhiro Takamoto, the anime premiered on Chiba TV on April 6th, 2009. The animated series uses two pieces of theme music; Aka no Kakera by Yuuki Suzuki is used in the opening theme, while Hitomi no Kotae by Noria is used in the ending credits.

Episode ListEdit

# Image Episode Title Original Air Date
Episode 1
Setsu naru Omoi no Yukusue wa
April 6th, 2009
Teito Klein is a young student at the Barsburg Military Academy. Teito used to be a sklave, and because of this he is routinely bullied by Shuri Oak, the son of respected Field-Marshal Wakaba Oak. He and his best friend Mikage are getting ready for the final exam of the year, the Begleiter Exam, which they need to pass if they wish to graduate and become begleiters. The exam is notoriously difficult, the candidates being required to kill a Troll, but he and his friend still manage to pass the exam. When walking to return his documents to an examiner, Teito overhears his name and stumbles upon a dark secret, pertaining to his hidden past which he is unable to remember. Attempting to assassinate Chief of Staff Ayanami, the man who he remembers to have killed his father, he is stopped, captured and sent to a cell where he is to await interrogation. However, he breaks free with the help of Mikage and escapes.
Episode 2
Natsukashiki Kioku wa Itami to Tomo ni
April 13th, 2009
After earlier being hit by Ayanami's Zaiphon, Teito falls towards the rocks below, but his fall is broken by a Hawkzile rider. The man who he crashed into, Frau, carries him to the Church after the other men notice he is injured. After waking, Teito attempts to escape out of fear by jumping from the window, only to be saved, where the three men introduce themselves as Frau, Castor, and Labrador- all bishops of the Church, which lies in the 7th District of the Barsburg empire. Teito wonders about the condition of Mikage, who had helped him escape from the Academy. Teito enters the Library, wishing to know more about his murky past and his connection to the Raggs Kingdom. He decides to find out the truth about the Raggs Kingdom and his past. Meanwhile, back at the Academy, Mikage is questioned by Ayanami as to whether he helped Teito escape or not. When he refuses to answer, Ayanami gives him a choice: either to save his family, which he treasures, or to save Teito.
Episode 3
Watashi no Mujaki na Kodomo, Hikari no Naka no Suimin
April 20th, 2009
Teito decides to leave the Church and travel to Hohburg Fortress in order to rescue Mikage. After his first escape attempt is stopped by Frau, he stumbles across an old man who speaks about his dead wife, tells Teito 'he' is able to grand him a wish, and tells him to come to him at midnight. Teito decides to leave during the night but Frau interrupts him. Teito is angered by Frau's comments and attacks him using his Zaiphon. However Frau is easily able to overpower Teito, and during the fight Castor realises Tieto is a member of the Military Academy, and Teito finally reveals his name. After waking up, Teito considers the proposal of the old man and decides to go to the courtyard upon hearing the midnight bell. Frau realises something is wrong and travels to the courtyard too. Meanwhile, back at Hohburg Fortress, Mikage while being questioned, still cannot decide who he should save: Teito or his sister.
Episode 4
Tada Hitasura naru Inori no Hate ni
April 27th, 2009
Teito Klein meets the Old Man, telling him his wish to see his best friend Mikage, Mikage still being interrogated by Ayanami in Hohburg Fortress. The old man places a symbol on Teito's chest while Teito begins to have visions of Mikage. The flower that Labrador gave him stops him, and the Bishops appear before him. Frau attacks the old man, who turns out to be a Kor. It takes the combined efforts of Castor and Frau to release the man's soul. Frau manages to remove the mark of the Kor on Teito's chest. As the military continues to search for Teito, Teito is introduced to Razette, the Noel mermaid, and the two strike up a friendship. Teito learns more of the three wishes given by the Chief of Heaven as well as the intentions of the Kor, and Castor informs him to keep the incident with the Kor a secrete. Back at Hohburg, Mikage makes his final choice: he won't betray his best friend. Ayanami releases a surge of Zaiphon at Mikage.
Episode 5
Atsuki Namida, Yasashiku Kare no Kokoro o Mitashi
May 4th, 2009
Teito is still affected by incident he had with the Old Man and the Kor, and Bishops Frau, Castor, and Labrador wonder what the wish was that Teito made to the Kor. Back at Hohburg Fortress, Ayanami has held a meeting with the Black Hawks, where they muse how Teito managed to escape. Meanwhile, at the Barsburg church, Teito wonders why everyone is so kind to him. He is advised by Razette to go to mass, and on the way Teito has a vision where he realizes that he is the heir to the Raggs Kingdom, the son of Weldeschtein Krom Raggs, and the wielder Eye of Mikhail. While trying to leave the Barsburg Church, Teito is shocked to see Mikage walking towards him. Mikage decides to stay with Teito at the Church, and while they are talking in one of the Church gardens, they are attacked by a Kor sent by Ayanami. Teito fights the Kor, but can not hurt it. Frau appears and cleanses the man's soul from the Kor. At night, Teito reveals to Mikage his connection with the Raggs Kingdom.
Episode 6
Hikari ni Tsūzuru Tadashiki Michi wa
May 11th, 2009
As the Black Hawks return to their normal duties, the Barsburg Church has its annual bazaar, and Teito, Mikage, and the sisters visit the bishops' shops. Labrador has a candy flower shop which has always been popular, Castor has a clothes shop, and Frau has a meat shop, which is normally forbidden. Meanwhile, the Black Hawks have been ordered to infiltrate District 7 by the higher-ups as it fosters runaway battle sklaves. As the Bishops prepare for the baptism, Teito talks to Frau and admits he feels like Mikage is hiding something from him. At the entrance of the Church, Mikage helps a girl who has the Kor marking whose carriage has crashed into the Church. Before Mikage can take the girl to the bishops, the girl becomes a Kor and attacks him. Teito comes to Mikage's rescue, but when the Kor captures Mikage, the Eye of Mikhail activates, blinding the Kor. Frau comes and defeats the Kor while Teito becomes unconscious. When Teito wakes up, he and Mikage talk while the bishops watch them.
Episode 7
Tsubasa ni Kuwareta Tamashii wa Itoshii Waga Ko no Yume o Miru?
May 18th, 2009
During the annual bazaar, Mikage wonders whether or not he should leave the church when he thinks about the choice Ayanami gave him between Teito and his sister, but seeing Teito so happy convinces Mikage to stay a while. As Teito and Mikage talk, Mikage is being watched by one of Castor's dolls. Mikage has a flashback of him and Teito when they were in the academy, and remembers how Teito was when he was a student. Mikage notices a little boy watching him from behind a tree, but when he tries to talk to the boy, he runs off. The boy is caught stealing bread from a shop, but the bishops let him go. He tells Teito and Mikage his name is Tajio and tells them that his mom is dead and his dad went to go earn money. Meanwhile, the sisters put on a play for people who are visiting the church, but Tajio thinks its real and ruins the play when he attempts to save Athena, after he sees Libelle brandishing a knife. Tajio's dad comes to take him home, but the dad is revealed to be a Kor. The Eye of Mikhail activates but then stops. Frau arrives and defeats the Kor, and Tajio and his dad go home.
Episode 8
Hanbun Dake no Tamashii ga Kanashiki Mezame o Yobiokosu
May 25th, 2009
As Teito and Mikage talk, Labrador's predictions become more and more worrying, and Mikage begins to raise Teito's suspicions as his hands are cold. Mikage suddenly feels something inside of himself awaken, and as one last favor asks Teito to kill him. As his last words, Mikage tells Teito that he loves him and that he’s always considered Teito to be just as important as his family. Ayanami then possesses Mikage, releasing one Kor wing. Teito and Mikage fight, but Teito is able to avoid injury and escape with the help of one of Castor’s dolls. Meanwhile, at the Church, Castor senses that his doll has lost signal and Frau senses that a half Kor has entered the church. He goes off to find Teito. Teito in the meanwhile, has been found by Ayanami, and Teito begs him to give Mikage back. Ayanami puts a promise collar on Teito's neck, and Teito attempts to commit suicide, only falling unconscious. The God Mikhail appears, and there is a flash of light as Teito’s eyes open, revealing his pupils to be blood red. Ayanami looks down in surprise as Teito asks “Who are you to hurt my master?
Episode 9
Tamashii no Iro wa Eien ni
June 1st, 2009
Mikage, who is being controlled by Ayanami, is still fighting Teito while Frau is on his way. The Eye of Mikhail awakens and, Teito, half out of control, attacks Mikage but is soon stopped by Ayanami. Frau finally appears, and is recognized by Ayanami as Zehel, one of the Seven Ghosts. Frau tries to stop Ayanami, but realises he will be unable to save Mikage. When the scythe is close to Mikage, Ayanami takes action and slices off part of the Kor wing. Ayanami stops controlling Mikage, while Mikage's wing starts to shatter. Feathers appear and Mikage starts to vanish. Frau then takes Teito to his dorm, where Teito remembers the moment when Mikage befriended Teito and how he defended him. Frau visits Teito, and Teito notices a cute pet which is crawling close to him, which turns out to be the reincarnation of Mikage. Frau tries to remove Teito's collar but ends up making pact with him meaning Frau has become Teito's master.
Episode 10
Sore wa Tada Hitotsu no Tsugunai
June 8th, 2009
Teito and the others attend Mikage's funeral. Back at Hohburg Fortress, Ayanami tells Miroku that now Teito has the Eye he is dangerous and should be killed. Miroku dismisses this and tells Ayanami to keep it a secret. Meanwhile, Teito decides to leave the church but he meets Castor who asks him if he saw Zehel. When Teito reveals he knows it was Frau, Castor puts him to sleep, while back at Hohburg the Black Hawks prepare to retrieve the Eye of Mikhail. As Castor gets ready to erase his memories, Frau interferes and saying he will forget Mikage's last smile. Frau's scythe goes out control and tries to attack an unconscious Teito, who awakens as the god Mikhail. Mikhail then uses illusions to try and threaten Castor and Frau but the two are unharmed, with Mikhail realising that they are both parts of the Seven ghosts. Castor tells Frau that the collar on Teito's neck has three commands: Bind, Sleep and Pain. Frau puts the god to sleep with the sleep command. Teito regains conciousness and is taken to a place showing Mikage's last words.
Episode 11
Itoshiki Mono e no Tsugunai wa
June 15th, 2009
Teito, now staying in the church, wonders what he can do to atone for Mikage's death. Castor advises him to take the Bishop's Apprentice Exam, something that will help him take revenge, which Teito agrees. Castor explains that the exam is two-part, and he must pass the written exam first. At first this seems impossible, but when Teito takes a look at one of the books, he realizes he has read them all before. The second exam tests the person's ability to use Zaiphon techniques. When Teito doesn't progress with using a Baculus, Castor gives Teito a Frau doll with incredible speed, but despite Teito's best efforts he does not succeed in capturing the doll. After a talk with Labrador, Teito decides to learn and expose the truth of the world. While wandering in the hall, Teito sees a person looks like Mikage, but unfortunately is an examinee named Hakuren Oak. Hakuren sees the Exam Badge on Teito's collar and points out the one he has, declaring Teito his rival.
Episode 12
Itami to Iu Na no Yami wa Hitahita to
June 22nd, 2009
A man is stopped in the street by a fortune teller who grants him three wishes in exchange for his soul. The man leaves with his wishes but when he has used them the woman returns and takes his soul. Meanwhile Teito and Hakuren get off to a rough start, greeting each other with insults. While Teito pursues Burupya, who has climbed onto Hakuren's head, he stumbles across Bastien exorcising a Kor. Meanwhile, the man from before had become a Wars but he is destroyed by Frau. Teito discovers his room mate is Hakuren, and when going to the practice hall the receptionist there suddenly collapses. After taking him to the infirmary, Teito and Hakuren arrive at the practice hall with Hakuren demonstrating his skill with a Baculus, and Teito struggling at first. However, when thinking of Mikage, Teito floods the devise with power so that he breaks the Baculus and the barrier. The Baculus Teito used is revealed to be Frau's. Meanwhile, Aldo, the receptionist, is murdered by a mysterious figure.
Episode 13
Hikari Aru Michi no Saki ni Miru Mono wa...
June 29th, 2009
Aldo the murderer is found dead outside the Church gates, and people suspect it is the work of the Seven Ghosts. The next day, after experiencing several memories the night before, Teito heads to the library in an attempt to find more about his past. He is soon joined by Hakuren and Frau, and after giving Frau a book containing porn, Hakuren and Frau instantly bond, although Assistant Archbishop Bastien soon confiscates it. Before the two leave, Teito asks if the Ghosts would really kill Aldo, and Bastien replies that God punishes people. Later Teito looks for Frau's room in order to return his broken Baculus but over hears Frau and Castor talking about him, and runs off upset. When Frau finds him, Teito accuses Frau and the Church of wanting the power of the Eye of Mikhail. Frau in turn tells Teito that its up to him to decide whether or not to trust them. Meanwhile, as Castor walks along the corridors he senses a evil presence, and it is revealed that Kuroyuri has infiltrated the Church.
Episode 14
緒に戦う理由… 戦友と呼ばれる権利…
Issho ni Tatakau Riyū... Senyū to Yobareru Kenri...
July 6th, 2009
Castor, Labrador, and Frau discuss the mysterious figure who challenged Castor. That night Teito begins his special training with Castor and the "Frau" dolls, as Haruse and Kuroyuri watch from a distance. When Teito returns to his room and changes, Hakuren notices the sklave brand on Teito's lower back, and feels guilty for his earlier taunt of "elementary school kiddie" and tells Teito the reason he wants to become a Bishop. One night during his training session, Castor gives him a professional-grade Baculus and Teito is able to use it, and Castor invites Hakuren to join them, since he'd been watching the whole thing for a while. On the way back both Hakuren and Teito are attacked by a Wars, but are saved by Frau and they descover that the Wars was Aldo. Meanwhile, at the Bishop's meeting room the Bishop's there suspect a Warsfeil is responsible. Teito and Hakuren wake up in Frau's room and Teito is furious at Hakuren risking his life to save him. Teito declares that when he becomes strong to protect Hakuren, he wants to become his friend, and Frau muses about Labrador's prophecy and the state of his scythe.
Episode 15
Sono Hi, Watashi wa Kare to Tashika ni Atta
July 13th, 2009
As Teito and Hakuren make there way to the library, Teito states that he's putting his all into studying for the Bishop's Exam. Haruse and Kuroyuri watch him from a distance and plan their attack. Meanwhile, in the library Teito is approached by an unknown Bishop, Haruse in disguise, who gives Teito a Clergy Pass and message from the owner of the pass, whose name was Fea Kreuz. Castor attacks Haruse, and snares him with his Ghost strings, but he disappears in a cloud of black smoke before the Castor is able to do anything else. However, Teito is troubled by his (Haruse's) words. Meanwhile, Frau senses an evil presence in the Church, and follows it to find Kuroyuri, who had mutilated several prisoners and used a Wars to force them to fight Frau. As Frau fights using "his" scythe, Kuroyuri disappears right before the Imperial Guard arrive who arrest Frau for holding a Warsfeil Dagger and on suspicion of killing the criminals. Back at Hohburg, as Ayanami agrees to be sent to Antwort, Teito finally decides to trust everyone at the Church as Castor reveals Kreuz was excommunicated from the Church.
Episode 16
Shinjitsu wa Hikari no Todokanu Yami no Soko ni
July 20th, 2009
Castor reveals to Teito that his 'father', Fea Kreuz, was excommunicated for stealing Pandora's Box. While experiencing several flashbacks about the Raggs War, Teito refuses to believe that Kreuz was a bad person. Labrador receives a message from the flowers, and tells Castor and Teito that Frau is to be given the death sentence. Meanwhile Bastien talks with Archbishop Jio about Frau, and Jio replies that if Frau were innocent, then there is a traitor within the Church. Teito goes off in search of Light Dungeon, the prison that Fraus is being kept in, where he is aided by Razette who leads him there. As Teito attempts to break Frau free, Frau stops him, then asks Teito to smile fo him. Teito manages an awkward smile, and then remembers the time when Mikage would teach him how to smile. Seeing as Frau refuses to escape with him, Teito then exits the waterway and Hakuren appears and gives him a towel. That night they both decide to investigate the tower where Frau was arrested in order to prove his innocence.
Episode 17
Yami no Tsubasa no Kenzoku wa, Fukō o Matoi, Maioriru
July 27th, 2009
As the Black Hawks prepare to depart for Antwort, Teito, Burupya and Hakuren arrive at the scene of the crime, ready to prove Frau's innocence. The boys leave their Baculuses at the entrance and venture inside, being greeted by the Guardians of the Bridge of Trials, which only Teito can see. Despite finding no clues, as the room had been purified, Teito and Hakuren are soon joined by assistant Archbishop Bastien, who tells them all about Frau's childhood. Bastien leaves and goes to visit Frau in his cell. As the two boys walk away, Hakuren suddenly notices that their Bascules are tainted, which only happens when a Warsfeil touches them. They then realize that Bastian is the Warsfeil, so they rush after him. Teito and Hakuren successfully evading the Imperial Guard and entering Bastian's room where they find a secret passage-way hidden behind the bookcase. When they arrive at the end of the corridor, they are greeted by Bastian, who immediately attacks the boys, using a Wars, and announces that Teito is to be executed for treason in the name of the Barsburg Empire.
Episode 18
赦さざる者闇に溺れ… 愛する者は涙に濡れる
Yurusazaru Mono Yami ni Obore ... Aisuru Mono wa Namida ni Nureru
August 3rd, 2009
After Teito has been knocked unconscious by the Wars, Hakuren Oak attacks Bastien, but doesn't manage to hurt him and instead becomes snared in Bastien's tendrils. Bastien reveals that he is a spy of Ayanami's, and threatens to kill Hakuren if Teito does not surrender himself. Teito lets Bastien's Wars attack him willingly, so not to cause Hakuren harm. Meanwhile Labrador's predictions become worse and worse and he and Castor decide to take action against the intruder. The intruder is Kuroyuri and Haruse from the Black Hawks, disguised as an acolyte and a Bishop respectively, with two Imperial Guard imposters who apprehend the guards. While Kuroyuri and Haruse travel to Frau's cell, Kuroyuri notices something is wrong and Haruse leaves to investigate, and is confronted by Labrador. Meanwhile Teito is imprisoned in a ball where a lot of Wars reside. Teito and the Eye of Mikhail begin to fight over control and while they do some of the Wars enter Teito's body. Zehel appears and saves Teito and Hakuren, and kills Bastien. As Kuroyuri goes to kill Frau in his cell, it is revealed to be one of Castor's dolls instead. Castor appears and digs into his/her soul, meeting Ayanami.
Episode 19
Majiwaranu Ai, Saredo Kienu Ai no Yukusue wa...
August 10th, 2009
As the exam date gets closer Ouida and Liam do all they can to make sure they are prepared, such as attending sermons, revising the texts, and visiting the statue of Fest where people gather to pray. Meanwhile Castor uses Kuroyuri to interrogate and torture Ayanami, who recognises Castor as Fest. When Ayanami frees Kuroyuri, and they begin to fight, an explosion separates the two and Haruse catches Kuroyuri, while Labrador catches Castor. Kuroyuri and Haruse disappear. While participants in the exam of the church gather, the battle between the soldiers of the army and the protectors of the church continues. Bastien gets a proper funeral to keep the truth under wraps and make life continue as normal. Meanwhile, Hakuren gets his up close and personal encounter with the Eye of Mikhail while he is taking care of Teito. After Teito wakes up, the darkness in his heart awakens the darkness that escaped into the Eye of Mikhail and Hakuren barely manages to grab Teito as the darkness engulfs them both, before Frau is able to reach them.
Episode 20
Futari de Sasageru Rekuiemu
August 17th, 2009
After almost being captured by Kuroyuri and Haruse, Teito and Hakuren manage to leap off the Hawkzile carrying them and get support from Frau. After an intense battle, the Eye of Mikhail attempts to save Teito's life by separating itself from Teito and taking the Wars with it. After separation the Eye unleashes its full power to destroy the enemies threatening Teito, making it rain fire upon the enemy air ships. Frau decided to save Teito and leave the Eye of Mikhail to fall in enemy hands. After cheering Teito up for losing the Eye of Mikhail, the other bishops give Frau a plant. Because bishop Bastien fell into the darkness, he was not reborn as a human, instead he was reborn as an Evie tree. Frau planted the tree in the garden of the church so Bastian would be with them for many years to come. Teito finally recognizes Hakuren as his friend and prepares for the bishop exam. On their way to the exam Teito accidentally steps on a key token that one of the bishops dropped and broke it. Unfortunately for Teito, that same bishop, Lance, is their head examiner.
Episode 21
Naze Yue ni, Nanji, Haisha no Tobira o Kuguru...
August 24th, 2009
At Hohburg Fortress, the higher-ups of the military demand Ayanami's execution after two fleet ships, lead by him, crashed in District 7. Faced with evidence of the Eye of Mikhail the military decides to search for its master, and cover up the battle with Mikhail. Right before the Bishop's Apprentice Exam, Teito finds out that his Zaiphon seems to have been drained since the leaving of the Eye of Mikhail. Teito is mocked by Wade and Kyle but Hakuren silences them, and Ouida lends Teito some of his Zaiphon. The exam starts and the aspirant bishops go through several challenges: the first to overcome their fear, the second testing their biblical knowledge, and the third being them walking a tightrope. Finally they reach the last challenge: which is to decide which one of them passes, as only one can walk through the door of the victor. After arguing with each other, they both decide to walk through the door of the defeated. Bishop Lance appears and tells them that their selfless solution made them pass.
Episode 22
Minasoko no Hikari ni Michibikare, Nozokishi Mono wa...
August 31st, 2009
After passing the first exam, Teito and Hakuren are allowed to watch the others with examiner Lance. They all watch Wade and Kyle fumble at the last challenge when their greedy nature makes them fail, and also see Liam and Ouida pass when they both run through the door of the defeated. Teito and Hakuren learn that the old men they helped before were in fact Former Assistant Archbishops who tagged along to asses the progress of the participants. Meanwhile, Labrador senses a dark threat as the military advances towards the church. Teito and Hakuren go to Razette, the noel mermaid, as the Former Assistant Archbishops suggested, and she takes them to an inner sanctuary where Teito gets to see his father, the King of Raggs and 'father', the priest who raised him. He is told to never forget who he is, the Prince of Raggs Kingdom. Afterwards, they hurry back to the courtyard where bishop Lance is impatiently waiting for them. The second part of the examn is a challenge to face their inner demons inside a room. They pass when they come out the other door. Hakuren starts of by defeating a gigantic Kor and Teito faces his biggest enemy: Ayanami.
Episode 23
Kokoro no Yami no Sono Saki ni
September 7th, 2009
The second exam resumes, and the imaginable comes for the remaining trainees: the physical realisation of their deepest fears. Teito faces his biggest enemy, Ayanami, and Hakuren is confronted with a cloaked figure attempting to kill his father. Both acolytes are forced to see visions of the past, Teito seeing the hurt and pain he caused Mikage's family and Hakuren re-living his abandonment by his father. Meanwhile, Oudia battles with the illusion of the relatives that stole his parent's fortune, and passes the exam when he realises the greed of those around him brought him closer to his brother. Hakuren too passes when he realises that to abandon his father would make him no better than him. When it looks as if Teito is about to fail, he realises that the 'Ayanami' before him is actually the manifestation of the part of himself that he couldn't forgive, and with that he passes. When Teito is ready and attempts to leave the second examination, the rest of the church gets invaded by the imperial army, and when Teito opens the door to exit the examination room, he finds himself looking at the real Ayanami.
Episode 24
Ai Naki Mono no Seigi wa Izuko ni... Yami ni Ubawareshi Kokoro yo, Eien ni...
September 14th, 2009
Ayanami appears in front of Teito, and Teito wonders if Ayanami is just an illusion like before. As Teito tries to attack Ayanami, Ayanami mocks Teito for still relying on the Eye of Mikhail when is is no longer in his possession. Ayanami uses his Zaiphon to bring Teito and himself to the center of the earth, and Teito attacks Ayanami, who mocks him for being weak. Meanwhile, Frau is still waiting for Teito to exit the examination room when Hakuren runs up to him to tell him that imperial forces have stormed the Barsburg church. All of a sudden, Kuroyuri confronts the two of them. S/he explains that she/he wanted to kill the gardener (Labrador) who took Haruse's soul, but has been ordered to attack Frau. Bishop Lance is confronted by Katsuragi, and Hyuuga and Konatsu attack Castor and Labrador. Ayanami, meanwhile, is trying to read Teito's memories but Fea Kreuz (Vertrag) stopped him. The Bishop's and Black Hawks continue to fight: Ayanami has the upper hand with Teito; Kuroyuri is pushed back by Frau's light; Katsuragi and Lance fight equally; and Hyuuga and Konatsu are beating Labrador and Castor. Ayanami, now annoyed, threatens the hostages in the Church, if Teito does not search his memories for the location of Pandora's Box.
Episode 25
Shinjitsu wa Ikue ni mo Tsuranaru Kokoro no Kanata ni...
September 22nd, 2009
Teito and Ayanami are still in the centre of the earth. Teito battles with Ayanami but does not manage to land a blow. When the Eye of Mikhail is revealed, Teito uses it's power to send everyone to Pandora's Box. Ayanami observes the situation and then orders the Black Hawks to retreat. Both groups start to battle, until Ayamani splits the bonds, and he and the rest of the Black Hawks disappear through a portal Kuroyuri summoned. The Bishop's and Teito also leave. Frau, Labrador, and Castor wait for Teito as he exits the Bridge of Trials and tell him that he passed the exam and is now an apprentice Bishop, with his mentor being Frau. Teito and Frau are go to escape through a secret passage built for the Pope in case of emergency. While they run towards the secret exit, Teito runs into Hakuren where they bid eachother goodbye as equals. Before they leave Teito declares his intentions of what he wants to do from now on. Everyone approves and he bids them farewell. Frau and Teito get on a Hawkzile and with Labrador's flower guide, make their escape.
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