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Episode 16
Truth Lies in the Dark Abyss Where the Light Cannot Reach
Shinjitsu wa Hikari no Todokanu Yami no Soko ni
General information
Creator Studio DEEN
Director Nobuhiro Takamoto
Opening theme Aka no Kakera
Ending theme Hitomi no Kotae
Manga counterpart Kapitel 15
Season number 1
Episode number 15
Original air date July 20th, 2009
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Preceded by
Episode 15
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Episode 17

16. Truth Lies in the Dark Abyss Where the Light Cannot Reach is the sixteenth episode of the 07 Ghost anime series. The original date it was aired was July 20, 2009.

The episodes of 07 Ghost were created by Studio DEEN. Directed by Nobuhiro Takamoto, the anime premiered on Chiba TV on April 6, 2009. The series uses two pieces of theme music: 'Aka no Kakera' by Yuuki Suzuki is the opening theme, while 'Hitomi no Kotae by Noria is the ending theme.


Castor reveals to Teito that his 'father', Fea Kreuz, was excommunicated for stealing Pandora's Box. While experiencing several flashbacks about the Raggs War, Teito refuses to believe that Kreuz was a bad person. Labrador receives a message from the flowers, and tells Castor and Teito that Frau is to be given the death sentence.

Meanwhile, Bastien talks with Archbishop Jio about Frau, and Jio replies that if Frau were innocent, then there is a traitor within the Church. Teito goes off in search of Light Dungeon, the prison that Fraus is being kept in, and is aided by Razette, who leads him there. As Teito attempts to break Frau free, Frau stops him, then asks Teito to smile for him. Teito manages an awkward smile, and then remembers the time when Mikage would teach him how to smile. Seeing as Frau refuses to escape with him, Teito then exits the waterway. Hakuren appears and gives him a towel. That night, they both decide to investigate the tower where Frau was arrested, in order to prove his innocence.

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