Edible Flowers
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Edible Flowers in the manga
General information
Appearance Flora
Habitat District 7
Status Rare (only found in District 7)
Uses Food
Anime Episode 3
Manga Kapitel 3

Those within the 7th District mainly rely on a diet of 'humble' foods such as grain, vegetables, and fish. [1] In the Church gardens grows an abundance of flowers that are harvested and eaten.

General flowersEdit

The Eyefish and edible flowers, in particular, are a special product of the 7th district.

—Castor, telling Teito about the diet of the inhabitants of District 7.

Flora is a major part of the diet for those within District 7. They eat many flowers that are standard ingredients in most meals, like broccoli,[2] and other nameless flowers that resemble daisies, but most of these are eaten raw which carries many health benefits of eating them cooked.

Labrador's flowersEdit

Candy flowersEdit


Candy flowers in the anime

Candy Flowers are edible flowers that have been soaked in either honey or sugar water. They resemble small, pink flowers in appearance and are made and sold by Labrador during the annual Bazaar of the Barsburg Church.

The flowers are healthy and also have medicinal properties, being good for the skin. The candy flowers are most likely based on real world edible flowers. Their flower type remains unspecified but they resemble peonies, which are edible. They only appear in the anime.


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  2. In the anime, Episode 3, Castor eats raw, flowering broccoli.
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