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Dying Woman
Name unknown Name unknown
Lady On Her Deathbed.jpg
The unnamed dying woman in the manga
Aliases None
Species Human
Nationality Unknown
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Deceased
Relatives Unknown
Professional status
Occupation Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Manga Kapitel 99 (only appearance)
Anime NA
Japanese NA

 The Dying Woman appeared briefly in the 99th and last Kapitel. Frau visited her when she was on the verge of death and reaped her soul.


Little is known about her appearance other than she has fair hair.


She was implied to be courageous-Frau said that she "never gave up on living".

Manga synopsis[]

She was seen lying on a bed and briefly talked to Frau, remarking that she knew she was going to die. A moment later, she closed her eyes and passed away peacefully.