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ホスピタル Hosupitaru
The District hospital, as it appears in the manga.
Physical information
Location District 7
Position Hospital and hospice
Manga Kapitel 37 (only appearance)
Anime NA
Location on map

The District 7 Hospital is a health care institution providing patient treatment by specialized staff and equipment. It also acts as a hospice, and welcomes anyone who has an incurable disease, or is nearing the end of their life.

It is located in a woodland towards the centre of the 7th District, and is funded by the Barsburg Church. It is the oldest hospital in the District, and is visited frequently by the bishops of the Church, who help nurses attend to the patients.


The hospital is staffed by nurses, though it is unknown if they are also nuns. It is also frequented by Bishops from the nearby Barsburg Church who assist the nurses and pray with the patients.

Nurses typically wear a long-sleeved, knee-length, white dress, with a nurse's cap. Hair is cut short, or tied up in a bun.


The Hospital is rather small and isolated.[1] It is located in the middle of a dense, coniferous forest, and is surrounded by mountain land.

The hospital appears as a square-shaped building in the centre with two cylinder-shaped buildings at each side as the east and west wings, each having long windows. The roof of the main entrance building is dome-shaped, but the tops of the two wings are flat. To the back is a slightly larger, rectangular building more tall than it is wide, also having long windows. The main entrance is a small, wooden door under a large archway with a single lamp hanging from the ceiling.

Inside, there are many patient rooms, separated by curtains, and a prayer room.


There are a great many things in this Empire's history that weren't officially recorded. Discarding the weak during the Raggs War is one of those instances

Castor, Kapitel 37.

Main article: Raggs War

During the Raggs War, the military was in dire need of money to fund its equipment and soldiers. As tax money was being used to feed and take care of those in hospices who were old with no relatives, or had incurable conditions, the military began burning hospices, in order to redirect taxpayer's money to the military. The fires were officially documented as accidental.

The Bishops of the Barsburg Church occasionally go to visit the hospital to remind the military they are watching their actions and to deter any attempts to destroy the hospital.

Modern history[]

At one point, funding for the hospital was stopped due to how isolated the hospital was. However, Bishop Castor secured financial aid, allowing it to "make a comeback".


  1. Castor says it is "very removed from people out here in the woods".

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