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District 7 is a theocracy, meaning that the country is led by someone with divine guidance. The Pope was previously the one in charge of District 7, but he was killed by the Defect following his mental breakdown. Who now governs District 7 is unknown, although it is possible that the current ruler of District 7 is Wahrheit Teito Klein.


The Pope, the highest religious authority in the Seven Districts is based in the Barsburg Church

Imperial Guard[]

Main article: Imperial Guard

The Imperial Guard is the body that guards the Barsburg Church. They work to capture and even execute criminals for crimes against the Church.

The Imperial Guard are tasked with guarding Light Dungeon, as well as the rooms of the higher-ranking bishops, but despite this, do not have unlimited access around the Church. As the Imperial Guard were under the influence of the Pope, it is unknown what has happened to them after his death, though they could be under Wahrheit Teito Klein's command now.


Different types of weapons are used in different parts of District 7. Within the Barsburg Church, non-projectile weapons, such as spears, are used by the likes of the Imperial guard.

Most weapons within District 7 are Zaiphon-based. Areas outside the Barsburg Church, such as Ria, utilise long-range, anti-armour vehicle weaponry.[1]

Barsburg Church[]

  • Baculus: A Baculus is not a weapon per se but is used to manipulate, enhance and channel a Zaiphon for attacking, healing and defending. There are many types of baculus, starting from the novice and leading up to the baculuses used by experienced Bishops.
  • Spears: Used by the Imperial guard.


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