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District 7 is characterized by significant ethnic and cultural diversity, a consequence of the limitless immigration of citizens from other districts, many of whom arrive seeking asylum after persecution in their native lands. The population is very large compared to its relatively small size, particularly in the centre and around major cities.

Physical appearance[]

The people of District 7.

Given agricultural is the most profitable industry in District 7, many of the residents tend to have darker skin-tones and darker hair (dark purple and blue are common, as are various shades of brown and red). Dark eyes are also very common. Many of the inhabitants may also be people of lower class who have emigrated to the District.

Both men and women tend to wear their hair short, (with men usually clean shaven) and women who leave their hair long usually tie it back for practical reasons. Regardless of gender and age, all District 7 inhabitants generally tend to be thin.


The clothing in District 7 is rather poor and modest compared to the clothing worn by those in District 1. Wool is a very common material for clothing, in colours such as browns, beiges and dark greens. T-shirts and shorts are common in the summer months due to the hot weather, but during evenings and nights cloaks or ponchos are usually worn.

Clergy uniforms[]


The Bishops wear a dark blue cassock with white trimming on the collar, under a long white outer cassock that hides the arms. The cassock is held together with a loose belt and a large, silver, rectangular brooch emblazoned with the carving of a cross. They also wear plain, white mitres with a cross in the centre and a veil that extends from the mitre to fall over the face.


The clothing of the Archbishop looks almost identical to the standard Bishop uniform, save for thick, blue, leather shoulder pads worn just below the shoulders emblazoned with the Church cross. Archbishops do not wear the mitre and veil (the 'hat' that the Bishops wear).


The acolytes' uniform appears as a long, white robe down to the ankles, having two slits, going from the bottom of the rob to the hips, at each side of the body, and long, white sleeves with large, dark blue sleeve cuffs. Down the back of the robe is a criss-cross stitching like that of a corset with dark blue thread. A small, white poncho (mid-back length) with a high collar and dark blue round the edges is worn over the robe, and the exam badge is worn at the front of the collar. Acolytes wears dark blue trousers and knee-length brown boots.


The Sisters of the Church wear the traditional nun's habit. Hair must be long, which means those with short hair or boyish haircuts are not accepted, and tied back in a traditional bun (Drama CD 1).