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District 7
7 区 7-Ku
Physical information
Location Eastern region of the Barsburg Empire
Language Language of Barsburg
Currency Yuus
Government Theocracy
Ruler The Pope
Manga Kapitel 2
Anime Episode 2
Location on map

District 7 is one of the 7 Districts in the fictional Barsburg Empire in the 07 ghost series.

It is the smallest of the seven districts (and the second smallest territory of Barsburg after Antwort) and is located to the East side of the Empire.

District 7 is known in the series as 'God's District' due to the significance of its number and the Barsburg Church's presence in the centre. It is a designated 'no fly zone' for military aircraft[1] to maintain the peace between Emperor and Pope. Most of the anime series is set in District 7.

As the District is seen as an 'off-limits' area for the forces of the 1st District, many people who fear prosecution from the Military move to the 7th District where they are able to claim sanctuary in the Church grounds. As a result of this, District 7 is characterised by significant ethnic and cultural diversity.


The culture in District 7 is very humble and self-sustaining, and religion is a major factor in the lives of most of the people. Seeking religious enlightenment, or exploiting the benefits of religious life (in the case of criminals), are reasons why people from other Districts migrate to the Church. The religion there appears to be based on Catholicism, though they believe in different deities.

They have several religious themed celebrations, such as the annual baazar and the souls' thanksgiving festival.

District 7 is a theocracy, which means that the Pope holds most, if not all, of the governmental power.

Cuisine Edit

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The Church relies on humble food such as wheat, rice and fish. Some food, such as the Eyefish, Winkhob, and edible plants are specialties of the 7th District. Fish is especially praised, as the Church rules frown upon the eating of other meats.


The history of District 7 is virtually unknown. The Church in the center has been shown to be in the same condition as it was before the Raggs War, which suggests District 7 suffered minimal damage during the war.


  • Its location has religious symbolism; the number 7 being seen as God's number, as seen with the Seven Ghosts.
  • It is the district that holds the most power against District 1: not only did it suffer minimal damage during the Raggs War, but its ruler, the Pope, is as powerful as the Barsburg Emperor, and the number of the district indicates that it was the last district to be made part of the Barsburg empire.
  • District 7 is the guarding district of Zehel.


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