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District 6
6 区 6-Ku
Physical information
Location North-eastern region of the Barsburg Empire
Language Language of Barsburg
Presumably formerly Language of Raggs
Currency Yuus
Government Monarchy
Ruler Wolfram Eifeler Barsburg(current)
Weldeschtein Krom Raggs and Vanessa Antwort (formerly)
Manga Kapitel 28
Anime NA
Location on map

District 6 is one of the 7 Districts in the Barsburg Empire and was once part of Raggs. It is the largest of the Districts, being slightly larger than District 3 and is the location of the Hausen House. Possibly because of its large size, District 6 is mostly a very poor District, with the wealthy Hausen Family being either the only or one of the few exceptions.

District 6 was the third District to be introduced and the second to be explored, and was revealed to be the birthplace of Bishop Castor. Its terrain is mostly mountain land.


Judging by the customs of the Hausen family, it seems that the culture of District 6 is similar to East Asian culture.


Chinese cuisine: Xiaolongbao soup, chop suey, and mapo tofu.


Despite its size, the people of District 6 tend to have mostly dark coloured hair, appearing to be either brown or black in colour.


  • It takes a day to pass through District 6 on a Hawkzile. It takes 5 hours to pass through in a Ribidzile.[1]
  • The clergy in this district may be rather lax-Frau commented that the bishops there were "slacking on the job".


  1. Said by Frau in Kapitel 30.

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