When the time comes that you have collected seven tickets from the Ghosts, the tickets will guide you to Seele according to your will.

—Castor, Kapitel 33.

Cursed Ticket
呪いの切符 Noroi no kippu
All the cursed tickets.
Purpose Allow people to enter The Land of Seele
Guide Teito Klein, the Traveller of Seele
Owner(s) Seven Ghosts (formerly)
Teito Klein
Manga Kapitel 33 (Fest's ticket)
Anime NA
A Cursed Ticket is a sin possessed by each of the Seven Ghosts or a sin committed by their descendants. A person who has collected all the seven sins ('tickets') can enter the Land of Seele which is situated beyond the Gate of Hell. There, the Chief of Heaven will grant the comer any one wish. But if the entrant is Verloren, he will be eliminated.

Though the Seven Houses of God are the places where people receive the cursed tickets, the seeker is expected to find them on their own.[1] Many give up during this task.[2]


Fest's ticket.

The Ghosts burn their ticket onto the traveller's flesh.[3] When a Ghost gives a Cursed Ticket to a human, the Cursed Ticket will appear as the symbol of the Ghost on one of the human's arms, then quickly fade from the skin.


  • A reincarnation of Profe has said that only Verloren has the greatest sin (all the seven sins). So, it seems that Verloren can enter the Gate of Hell without having to collect any sin, unlike humans.


  1. In Kapitel 29, Xingfa says: "It is custom for those who wish to go to Seele to search for them [the cursed tickets] on their own".
  2. Said by Xingfa Hausen in Kapitel 29.
  3. In Kapitel 33, when Fest puts his mark on Teito, Teito talks of a "scorching heat".
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