Correction Center
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The Correction centre as seen in the manga
Physical information
Location District 7
Position Centre / Clinic
Manga Kapitel 4
Anime NA (manga only)
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The Correction Center is a place within District 7, run mainly by nuns of the Barsburg Church, that functions as a clinic to help people deal with the temptation of Kor.[1]
And because the symptoms of addiction can't disappear easily, there are people at the correction center who work hard to help them overcome it themselves.

—Castor, speaking to Teito how the Church deals with Kor.[2]

The resistance against temptation appears to be through several activities, such as by reviewing the promises of the day, including repeating the Lord's prayer and strengthening the person's will.[3] This is achived by chanting several statements with a group:

  • "I must not listen!"
  • "I will conquer temptation!"
  • "I will make my dreams come true on my own!"

Those who cannot resist against the tempation are helped and are put on a stretcher to receive urgent attention immediately. If the addiction symptoms seems to worsen over time, it is possible for the individual to be sent to the correction centre again. This was indicated by two unknown women gossiping that 'the husband across the street' was sent again.[4]



The Nuns at the Centre

  • In the anime, the correction centers have not appeared.
  • The nuns in the correction centers are dressed similarly to a nurse. The outfit is composed with a white qipao-like short-sleeved shirt with a small cross at the front of the neck section and dark linings at the edge. A headband is worn with a cross in the centre as well as dark linings at the edge. The nuns were also seen wearing a long arm warmer.[5]


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