Clergy Pass
聖職者パス Seishoku-sha pasu
Castor holding his own Clergy pass.
Purpose Identity card
Owner(s) Various members of the clergy
Manga Kapitel 9
Anime Episode 11
A Clergy Pass (more commonly known in-series as a Bishop's Pass despite not being exclusive to Bishops) is a small, metal trinket that allows the bearer to move between Districts, as well as have access to all lodgings, establishments, and transportation around the world[1] without having to go through the strict inspections by the Imperial army.[2] It is acquired by passing the Bishop's Apprentice Exam.



Sketches of the clergy pass.

The Clergy pass appears to be made of steel engineered to stand up to any kind of impact,[3] thin and rectangular in shape, with the insignia of the Church engraved into the metal. Other words, written in the Zaiphon language, are also engraved into the sides and front.

The Clergy pass also seems to be like an identity card specific to a user.

The pass is capable of submitting reports directly to the Main Barsburg Church once a travelling bishop visits other churches outside of the 7th District.[4] It can also be used to receive messages and letters as Teito had received a letter from Hakuren; both can be done by inserting the Pass into a certain slot somewhere in the church. It is unknown if there is a way to check if the pass is being used by the real owner.

Chairman Miroku also discussed with Ayanami (Vol 05 Chp 28 Pge 20) how he had assumed that there was a device within Fea Kreuz's Bishop Pass that made the Eye of Mikhail unreadable and therefore had caused Teito's difficult discovery or awakening; the Chief of Staff's handing it to Teito ensuring that he couldn't capture the boy at that time (Page 21). If there is indeed a device, then it must be very powerfully protected, as even Ayanami could not discover anything.


  1. In Kapitel 8 page 6, Castor says the pass allows "a full pass to all lodging establishments and transportation facilities from around the world.
  2. Kapitel 8, Castor says: "You won't even have to go through the strict inspections from the Imperial guards.
  3. In a talk with Ayanami, Chairman Miroku (Vol 05 Chp 28 Pge 20) describes Father Fea Kreuz's Bishop Pass as an item made of steel engineered to stand up to any kind of impact as perhaps all Clergy Passes are.
  4. In Volume 05 Chapter 28 Page 27, Bishop Frau instructed Teito on one of its uses.
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