Chief of Heaven's Advisors
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Heavenly Advisors.jpg

The Chief of Heaven's advisors (foreground).
Aliases You guys (by the Chief)
Species Gods or some variation thereof
Nationality Heaven
Gender Unknown
Age Ageless
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Alive
Relatives Unknown, possibly each other
Professional status
Occupation Advisors
Affiliation Heaven
Manga Kapitel 89 (flashback)
Anime NA (manga only)
Japanese NA (manga only)

TheĀ Chief of Heaven's advisers are a small group of heavenly beings (at least four appeared) whom the Chief spoke to aboutĀ Verloren's imprisonment.


Their appearance from the front is unknown, but from the back they can be seen to wear dark, hooded robes with the hoods worn up.


They are probably wise, considering that the Chief valued their judgement enough to share his opinion of Verloren with them, although he did comment that they were ignorant of how dangerous Verloren was. They may have sympathised with Verloren as one of the advisers commented that what the Chief was planning to do was 'too much'.

Manga synopsis

Chief! It's too severe. He is intelligent. Such a situation would never... The Advisers

In a flashback, they were seen arguing with the Chief about his decision to imprison Verloren. They opined that it would be too dangerous to do so and pointed out that Verloren's intelligence made the Chief's decision a risky move. However, the Chief insisted on imprisoning Verloren.

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