Center of the Earth
地心 -
Teito and Burupya in the Center of the Earth.
Physical information
Location Center of the 07-Ghost world
Position Battleground
Manga NA
Anime Episode 24
Location on map

The Center of the Earth was the location for Ayanami and Teito's final battle in the anime, and does not appear in the manga.


The Center of the Earth is a hollow, glass sphere that is apparently large enough for two people to do battle in, as shown by Ayanami and Teito's battle. The walls of the sphere are coloured in blue and gold, and decorated with the shapes of the continents in the series universe.


In the anime, not wanting any of Teito's bishop mentors to aid him, Ayanami decides to use his black magic to warp both Teito and himself into the Center of the Earth. There, Ayanami tells Teito that it shall be the first and only realm he shall ever see and the two began fighting. Despite all of Teito's improvements, Ayanami proves himself to be the superior zaiphon user and easily grounds Teito after easily blocking his attacks and mocking his lack of dark emotions. However, as Ayanami, having rendered Teito completely helpless to do anything to stop him, begins probing his memories, the trap Kreuz placed is triggered, cutting off Ayanami's hand and Teito is able to get up and continue fighting. Unfortunately, Teito is still unable to pose any significiant challenge to Ayanami, who continues to mock him for how much inferior he is to him, angering and causing Teito to blindly attack Ayanami, to no avail. Ayanami, wanting to further trigger Teito's darkness, says that he will be the source of all of Teito's hatred and attacks Mikage with his Zaiphon. However, rather than making Teito more angry, Teito regains control and continues battling Ayanami, who threatens to slaughter all the hostages in the Church if Teito does not search his memories for the location of Pandora's Box and says that if Teito does not finish him off in one blow, Ayanami will show him despair just as he did when he killed Mikage, angering Teito and causing him to snap, saying he hates Ayanami violently before seriously saying Ayanami will die at his hands, pleasing Ayanami, who offers him the Eye of Mikhail in exchange for him willingly working for him. However, Teito still battles Ayanami and with encouragement from Mikage, is able to finally fight him but is unable to do any harm to him and instead summons all his allies and apports them all to the Pandora Box, leaving the Center of the Earth.

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