The Celestine family
セレスタイン家 Seresutainke
Biographical information
Nationality Barsburg
Current Head of House Karein Celestine
Political information
Position Working class (butler)
Home Oak House
Manga Kapitel 1
Anime Episode 1

The Celestine Family is a working-class family that is living in the Oak Family's manor.

One member of the Celestine Family, Mikage, was the best friend of Teito Klein, the main protagonist.

It appears that some members of the Celestine family (e.g. Karein and Kokuyou) carry on the family tradition of serving the Oak Family, while some members (e.g. Mikage) join the military. Other members (e.g. Kohaku and Rinka) seem to have no occupation. It's not known whether Karein's wife works or not.


'Celestine' is a name of English and French origin that means 'heavenly'.

Family members Edit

  • Karein (father) (the former butler of the Oak Family)
  • Unknown mother
  • Kokuyou (First son) (the current butler of the Oak Family)
  • Mikage (Second son)
  • Kohaku (Third son)
  • Rinka (First and Only daughter)

Family TreeEdit

            Karein Celestine───┬───Unknown 
           │            │              │              │
Kokuyou CelestineKohaku Celestine     │
                        │                             │
                Mikage Celestine               Rinka Celestine
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