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District 7 appears to be mainly built on plains and flat land. Towards the centre of the District is an abundance of greenery, but the further away from the centre the more sparse the grassland until there is nothing but desert, pobably as a result of the little rain the District experiences during the summer months. Near the centre is a large reservoir, which appears to be the District's only major source of water, and as a result the edges of the District are mostly uninhabited by people.

Natural resources[]

Possibly due to the large desert land separating it from the other Districts, District 7 is mostly dependant on its own resources. District 7 is very simple compared to the other Districts, either as a result of their isolation or their humble lifestyle as a result of their faith. Rock, stone and wood appear to be the District's most useful natural resources, being used to build houses, and they do not use as much oil or gas as the industrialised District 1, instead burning wood for heat. The land within the Chuch grounds is lush, fertile and provides good conditions for growing crops, and the large reservoir around the Church is the home of many species of fish which are eaten as food.


District 7 experiences little snow and the climate is usually mildly warm even during the winter months, as in Kapitel 15, Hakuren says it's the middle of winter, and there is little snow or frost on the ground.


The 7th District is home to many species, some, such as the Eyefish, only being found in District 7. The large reservoir of the Church appears to be home to much aquatic life, and also attracts amphibians, such as the Winkhob, seeing as it is the largest pool of water for miles. The thick woodland at the border of the District also attracts Fireflies.


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