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District 1 appears to have been built on mountain land and the earth is very rocky and uneven. Although it was shown that when under Raggs's rule in the past large forests were spread throughout the District, following the Barsburg Empire's booming industry and advance in technology, it appears the majority of forest land has long been felled to make place for buildings.

The weather in District 1 is usually very sunny, with very little clouds or rain and it is usually warm during most of the months in the year. However, it has been shown to snow very heavily during the winter months, with the snow on the ground being very thick.

Natural resources[]

Similar to the other Districts, District 1 was shown to be predominantly dependant on its resources of gas and quicklime for energy. However a chapter in the manga reveals that 1st District is slowly begining to replace gas and oil with Zaiphon that has been drained from the earth with large pumps. It is unknown what the side-effects of doing this are.

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