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Upon entering the armed forces (by passing the final exam) a person is enlisted as a cadet begleiter. This is lowest post in the armed forces. Induction courses for begleiters begin 2 days after graduation.[1]

Becoming a cadet begleiter acts a form of work experience/internship in the military, where they act as temporary begleiters for a superior officer (usually at commander level, but there are exceptions)- learning the skills needed to be a begleiter and becoming familiar with military life. According to the pilot chapter Begleiter, if the superior is dissatisfied with the cadet's performance during this apprenticeship period, the cadet Begleiter needs to take the graduation exam again. If they complete their internship to a good standard they then become begleiters, either for the officer they had been working under or any other officer who accepts them.

It's possible for a new graduate of the military academy to skip becoming a cadet begleiter and be promoted directly to Begleiter if their skills and grades are high enough. This is the case for Teito Klein, who graduated from the military academy at the top of his class, and was promoted directly to a position as Ayanami's Begleiter.

Present cadet Begleiters Former cadet Begleiters


As a result of the lack of experience, cadet begleiters are excused from combat situations.

  • Their jobs include serving refreshment and carrying documents.
  • They are in charge of their superior's schedule.[2]
  • Other duties (e.g. taking care of their superior's pets).



  1. In Kapitel 4, Katsuragi talks about the induction courses beginning tomorrow- and given the amount of time that had passed between the exam and Katsuragi's comment this would mean the course begins after 2 days.
  2. Yukinami has been seen reminding Ayanami about meetings.