Boy Kor
Name unknown Name unknown
The Boy Kor as he appears in the anime.
Aliases None
Species Human
Nationality Unknown
Gender Male
Age Estimated 15-19
Birthday Unknown
Height Estimated 170cm
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Professional status
Occupation Unknown
Affiliation Verloren (as a Kor)
Manga NA (anime only)
Anime Episode 5 (only appearance)
Japanese Unknown

The Boy Kor is a nameless minor antagonist who appeared only in the fifth episode of the 07 Ghost anime series. He is the second character in the anime to be fully possessed by a Kor. He attacked Teito and Mikage in the western tower greenhouse of the Barsburg Church, and was the only Kor who was able to use a Zaiphon too.


Physical appearanceEdit

He is fairly tall, and his height is estimated to be 170 cm as he appears to be a little taller than Mikage. His weight is unknown, but he has a thin build. His features are very pointy, with a sharp jaw, a straight nose, and narrowed grey eyes with small irises and pupils. His hair is blonde, wavy and parted in the middle.


He wears a plain, long-sleeved beige-coloured shirt, and long, plain trousers of the same colour.


The Boy Kor was not shown as a human, though Labrador remarked that he loved flowers. As a Kor he was aggressive and violent.

Abilities and AttributesEdit


Attacking Zaiphon: The boy Kor is a Zaiphon user, and he possesses an attacking Zaiphon.


Nothing is known of his history other than he made a deal with a Kor. He comments that when his flowers are placed upon the graves of Mikage and Teito, his wish will come true. It is left open to speculation on what his wish was, although his actions and choice of words clearly indicate that it had something to do with killing Teito and Mikage.

Anime SynopsisEdit

A fight in the greenhouseEdit


The Kor attacking Teito with Zaiphon.

He is first seen in the western tower greenhouse of the Barsburg Church where he listens to Teito and Mikage's conversation, and interrupts them with threats. Teito realises that he is a Kor, when he sees the mark on his chest, and prepares to attack. Upon seeing Teito's Zaiphon, he reveals that he too is able to use a Zaiphon, and he and Teito fight.

When Teito's attacks miss and instead shatter the greenhouse windows, the boy Kor escapes onto the Church roof where Teito pursues him and the fight continues until Frau intervenes and purifies the Kor's soul. He has not been seen again since.

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