Book of Hades
エンマチョウ Enmachou
Book of Hades (Ea and Relikt)
Ea and Relikt in the Book of Hades
Purpose Determine the fate of souls
Owner(s) Verloren (previously)
Ea (previously)
Frau (currently)
Manga Kapitel 76
Anime NA
The Book of Hades is a book which was originally possessed by Verloren, and after his fall, by Ea, one of the Seven Ghosts. The Book tells the lifespan of individuals, and should anyone die before they were meant to, Ea can overwrite the Book and move the soul into another vessel so that he/she can continue to live (e.g Ouka's case).

Inside the realm of the Book, no one can disobey Ea's commands, as shown in manga chapter 91. Ea used this function to 'pin' Landkarte to the ground and tried to purify his darkness. When Ea is using the Book of Hades, it becomes large enough for at least two people to move around inside it.

It is Ea's job to fix a number to each and every soul, and sort all souls according to where they are going after their bodies' death, whether it is heaven or hell [1]. However, Ea said he could not write the destination of Landkarte's soul, that his destination is not Hell or Purgatory. He must stay inside the Book forever.

When Landkarte uses teletransportation, the margin of the number of the soul to which he wants to go moves slightly in the Book. That's why Ea knows beforehand when Landkarte is coming to him (manga chapter 91).

After succeeding Verloren as the God of Death, Frau can be assumed to be the current owner of the Book of Hades.


  • In the Japanese language, 閻魔大王 (enma daiou) refers to Yama in Buddhist mythology, who is the god of the underworld and rebirth.
  • The English fans translate Enmachou into the Book of Hades. In Greek mythology, Hades is the god of death and the lord of the underworld.


  1. 'この世の全ての魂に番号を付け天国から地獄まで死後の行き先を振り分けること'
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