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Black Beast Squadron
ブラクビスト戦隊 Burakku Bisuto Sentai
The Black Beast Squadron.png
From left to right: Mark, Karan and Agas, the three members of the Black Beast Squadron.
General information
Leader(s) Weldeschtein Krom Raggs
Founder(s) Possibly either Weldeschtein Krom Raggs or Krom's Father
Base Raggs Castle
Affiliation Raggs Family

Possibly Barsburg Church

Purpose Raggs Family royal guards
Manga debut Kapitel 34
Anime debut NA

The Black Beast Squadron were the counterparts of the Black Hawks. They were the armoured, elite guards of the Raggs Family and obeyed the King's every command. They may also have been affiliated with the Barsburg Church, as they were often seen with Fea Kreuz, a bishop. Unlike the Black Hawks, who are mostly Warsfeil, the Black Beast Squadron consisted of very strong humans. This put them at a fatal disadvantage during the Raggs War.