Begleiter (chapter)
General information
Volume number NA (Pilot chapter)
Chapter number 2
Number of pages 42
Cover Phrase To chase that fresh breeze...
To see that future...
Cover Character(s) Yukinami
Anime counterpart NA
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2. Begleiter is a pilot chapter which was developed as an early idea of the 07-Ghost storyline.

The chapter Begleiter is the second of the Pilot chapters and revolves around Ayanami and Hyuuga, Yuki and Suzu, who became major antagonists when 07-Ghost is serialized.


The story introduces Yuki and Suzu as students at military academy. Having passed the final exam, they are enlisted as cadet begleiters to a senior officer. If they are sacked, then they are forced to repeat the year. Yukinami, as punishment for being late to the assembly after getting lost, is assigned under Chief of Staff Ayanami.

While serving Ayanami, Yukinami quickly annoys him with his lack of control over his Zaiphon and his clumsiness. In turn, Yukinami becomes distressed that he often makes mistakes, but is determined to become a Begleiter that is up to Ayanami's standard.

Meanwhile, a prisoner (Prisoner D-431) has escaped and impersonated Yukinami. The two Yukinamis then fight, but Ayanami recognises the real Yuki and saves him from a fatal blow. Suddenly, the inmate takes out a bomb and attempts to kill Ayanami, and Yukinami uses his Zaiphon to move Ayanami, Hyuuga and himself while a large part of the building where they were in is now destroyed.

Ayanami, being reminded of Yukikaze's sacrifice, complains that Yukinami should have instead teleported the bomber away instead of them to protect the building because it was built using the tax payers' money. Ayanami then tells Yuki he shouldn't have risked his (Yuki's) own life to save him (Ayanami), and that he could never become Yukikaze. When Yukinami appears upset, Ayanami smiles at him and says that as Yuki, he has done a good job. Yuki continues to act as Ayanami's Begleiter.

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  • A possible early version of Officer Shigure can be seen at the beginning of the chapter.
  • Prototype designs for admirals Shiroki, Nabiki and Ogi appear.
  • According to this chapter, Ayanami had a Begleiter (named Yukikaze) before he became the Chief of Staff. They had a close relationship and Yukikaze died protecting Ayanami.
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