A bear of the 07-Ghost universe, as seen in Kapitel 34.
General information
Appearance Mammalian
Habitat District 6, Mountain Road
Status Unknown
Uses Food
Anime NA
Manga Kapitel 34

A Bear is a creature that very much resembles the bears found in the real-world. They populate the mountain woodland found in District 6, causing problems due to overpopulation,[1] and are supposedly the 'monsters' that inhabit the Mountain Road. They can be eaten.


The English word "bear" comes from Old English bera and belongs to a family of names for the bear in Germanic languages that originate from an adjective meaning "brown".[2]


The bears in the 07 Ghost universe look almost identical to the ones that are found on earth, the only differences being that they are much larger, estimated to stand well over 15 feet, with a head larger than the main body of a Hawkzile. They have large mouths and disproportionally large incisors and claws, and their paws are larger than their heads. Their fur is thick and brown in colour and their eyes are red.

Similarity to real-world faunaEdit

They share a very strong resemblance to Kodiak bears: the largest known species of Brown bear.


The bears appear solitary in nature with aggressive or territorial tendencies, as when Frau and Teito were travelling through the mountain path, a bear attacked them.


Their native habitat, District 6, has a subarctic climate with cold temperatures, and long winters. There is a large variation in vegetation ranging from dense coniferous forests to steep mountain land and tundras.


  • After killing the bear that was chasing them, Teito asks Frau if it's really all right to eat it, since bishops aren't supposed to eat meat. Frau answers that it's only four-legged animals that are forbidden, and since the bear could walk on two it would probably be okay.


  1. In Kapitel 34, Teito, Frau and Capella pass a sign that says: "Caution, Bear infestation".
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