As long as I am within thee, my heart shall always be with thee.

—A verse from the Barsburg bible that Frau dedicates to Teito Klein

Barsburg Bible
ダルスブルグセイシォ Barusuburugu seisho
The many volumes of the Bible
Purpose Holy book
Owner(s) Various
Manga Kapitel 9
Anime Episode 11

The Barsburg Bible is the holy book of the religion of the 07-Ghost series. There are 77 volumes of the Barsburg Bible, and the volumes contain 7700 scriptures. Candidates for the Bishop's Apprentice Exam are required to memorise the scriptures, 100 of which will appear in the written portion of the exam.

These are some of the known verses recited by some of the characters in the universe.

  • Volume 5, Chapter 34, The Heavens proclaimed, "From the Darkness, Oh newborn sheep, Lend me your ears."
  • Volume 20, Chapter 3, The Heavens proclaimed, "Into the sea about the sins and punishment of the fallen Babel."
  • Volume 77, Last Chapter, The Heavens proclaimed, "The final light will be with us."
  • Volume 3, Chapter 17, "As long as I am within thee, my Heart will always be with thee."
  • Unknown volume, Unknown chapter, "Those who do not walk with me will never have their souls extolled in eternity."
  • Volume 77, Chapter 2, The Heavens proclaimed, "Those who along with me shall be praised their soul for all eternity."
  • Volume 3, Chapter 7, "As long as we are inside thou, we will be thou."

This is the scripture Bastien used as a reverse incantation to perform a forbidden form of Arts thereby evoking Black Magic.

  • "O relative of the wings of darkness, since ancient times you have been deceived by the Heavens. Now hear my call and dance forth, remember the contract that binds us. You, atone for your sins. Call out to the great skies above with a purified soul, return to who you were once more."

Teito most likely uses the verses from the Bible with his Baculus in his battle against Wars.

  • "Kindred of Darkness, return to your Master's side and atone for that sin together with him."
  • "Descendant of Darkness, atone for that sin and be sent to the great Heavens."
  • "O sorrowful Darkness, to thee the Light."


  • Frau once dedicated a verse from the Barsburg Bible to Teito Klein. Teito dedicated the same verse to Frau when they travelled back in time and Teito met a younger Frau.
  • It took 3 years for Frau to memorise all of the scriptures. But, according to Castor, it was because Frau is an idiot.
  • The total number of the multiplication of all the books and chapters greater than 6 sentences, divided by 13 is 5,754,861.
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