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バルム Barumu
Barm in the manga
Aliases None
Species Human
Nationality District 24
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Alive
Relatives Unknown
Professional status
Occupation None
Affiliation District 24
Manga Kapitel 71
Anime NA
Japanese NA

Barm is a minor character who first appeared in Kapitel 71.


There is a type of cake called barm cake. [1] His name could also be an ironic reference to the British slang term 'barmy' which is used to refer to a crazy person; Barm is the calmest and most level-headed member of his group.


Physical appearance[]

He appears as a middle-aged man with a lean and muscular build, who is missing a few teeth. His hair is short, spiky and light-coloured.


Barm wears bandages over one of his eyes, presumably due to injury. He also wears a dark, sleeveless top with a fur collar, as well as long pants.


Despite his rough-looking appearance, he has been shown to be friendly and understanding, as he did not pressure Frau to say who he (Frau) is, and made an effort to make Frau feel welcome. He also seems to be the most composed member of his group-he was able to retain his composure when Frau suddenly sat up, whereas Ryuu and Moz panicked. He copes well under pressure and sometimes acts as a mediator for his more unstable companions.

Manga synopsis[]

Barm and three other District 24 residents found Frau's body after Frau barely escaped with his life after the events of the previous chapter. They discovered that Frau does not have a pulse, and assuming that Frau is dead, attempted to give him a burial. However, Frau awakened just then, and after recovering from their initial fright, they get some water for Frau and tell Frau where he is. Barm introduces himself and the other three.

Later, Ryuu attempts to attack Frau when he (Ryuu) mistakenly thinks that Frau intends to harm Ryuu's sister Nene. Barm restrains Ryuu and apologises to Frau, explaining that Nene is Ryuu's only family.

Barm briefly reappears in Kapitel 93, where he is seen staring in shock at the destruction of Hohburg Fortress caused by Verloren's revival.