バルトス Barutosu
The Baltos market place.
Physical information
Location District 6
Position City
Manga Kapitel 35
Anime NA
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Baltos is a small city on the relay to the 6th District's port.[1] It is located to the far north-west of District 6, and can be accessed travelling through the Mountain Road.


It appears to make most of its money through tourists as seen by its involvement in dancing and shows, as well as having a large market place selling a variety of items.

The city appears to be quite shady, having many taverns and is a favourite haunt of ladies of the night. The city appears to be very poor, as seen with the many beggars there as well as the poor state many of the buildings are in.


Baltos is a relatively small city. Particularly near the outskirts of the city, the buildings mostly consist of plain, large yet tightly packed flats housing many people- with many thin alleyways and small bridges connecting the buildings. The houses there are made of large blocks of stone, with small windows and small, Victorian balconies. Washing lines also hang between buildings in the alleyways.

In the centre is a large open area that is commonly used for dancing when the town has festivals or parades.


A view of the Plaza.

The plaza is a large open area fenced with large trees and old-fashioned street lights, where couples go to dance on festival nights. Flags are strung from the trees and posts to decorate the area and in the centre of the plaza is some sort of large, stone tower protected with a small wall running round it.

Market place: The market place takes up a considerable section of Baltos. The walls of narrow alleyways are lined with stalls and portable marquees where people display and sell their goods.


  • Balto is a variant of Balthasar, which means "Baal protect the king".


  1. Kapitel 35, said by Madame.

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