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Krowell Raggs
クロベル=ラグス Kuroveru Ragusu
Ayanami as he appears in the anime.
Aliases Ayanami アヤナミ (new identity)
Species Warsfeil
Nationality Raggs (District 1)
Gender Male
Age 34 [1] (as himself)
Birthday May 18
Height 183cm [2]
Weight 69kg [3]
Personal status
Status Active
Relatives Vertrag (ancestor)
Krom's Father (father)
Krom's Mother (mother)
Weldeschtein Krom Raggs (older brother)
Fea Kreuz Raggs (older brother)
Teito Klein/Wahrheit Teito Klein (nephew)
Millea Klein (sister-in-law)
Vanessa Antwort (sister-in-law)
King Antwort (sister-in-law's father/brother's father-in-law) Vanessa's Mother (sister-in-law's mother/brother's mother-in-law)
Other members of the Raggs Family and Antwort Family
Professional status
Occupation Youngest prince of Raggs (formerly)
Field-marshal of Barsburg Army

Leader of the Black Hawks
Military strategist

Affiliation Raggs Family (formerly)
The Barsburg Empire

Barsburg Imperial Army
The Black Hawks

Manga Kapitel 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Shou Hayami

Ayanami, born Krowell Raggs, is the primary antagonist in the anime and manga series 07-Ghost.

He is the leader of the infamous Black Hawks, a Warsfeil and a military strategist. He has held the post of the Barsburg Army's Chief of Staff for several years after the Raggs War, and after he drowned Marshal Oak, rose to become Field Marshal. It appears that he is widely known and respected throughout the Barsburg Empire for his accomplishments, despite his relatively young age, usually being greeted with salutes by his inferiors when they see him, but because he is a Wasfeil, many soldiers talk about him negatively behind his back or are afraid of him.

He is directly or indirectly responsible for many of the turmoils that Teito has suffered in his life including the death of Mikage and Weldeschtein Krom Raggs, Teito's father. Ayanami seeks the Eye of Mikhail and has been shown to be targeting the Seven Ghosts, particularly Zehel as the scythe that Zehel is wielding actually belongs to Verloren, Ayanami's soul.

He is revealed to be the reincarnation of Verloren later in the story, and is trying to regain his original ageless and powerful body (Verloren's Body) by unlocking Pandora's Box.

In chapter 90 of the manga, he revealed to Teito that he is in fact Teito's paternal uncle, being the youngest of Teito's paternal grandparents' three sons.


Despite his cold demeanor, Ayanami has shown kindness towards his fellow Black Hawks, despite trying to keep relationships professional (possibly as a result of Yukikaze's death). Ayanami was shown to appreciate his subordinates and he brings treats for his subordinates in his own luggage, but brings nothing but work for himself.[4] He will also try his best to protect them from harm, and will risk his own safety to help them if he feels the situation has become too dangerous for them.[5]


Hyuuga defending Ayanami.

Out of all the present Black Hawk members Ayanami interacts with Hyuuga the most. They are both two of the earliest members of the Black Hawks, and they both fought in the Raggs War. This, along with the fact that Hyuuga and Ayanami were classmates at a military school, means they have known each other for around two decades. However, because of their conflicting personalities, Ayanami and Hyuuga are often at odds with each other. Ayanami has been shown to dislike Hyuuga's laziness and familiarity with him,[6] but despite Hyuuga's rebellious side, Ayanami trusts Hyuuga in the sense that he will give Hyuuga an answer when asked why he does something. Hyuuga is the Black Hawk that seems most involved in Ayanami's plans, and Hyuuga is usually the first, or in some cases the only Black Hawk Ayanami reveals certain details to, such as Teito's royal blood, and the death of Marshal Oak. Ayanami also has complete faith that Hyuuga will defend him.

He relies on Hyuuga to a certain extent, since sometimes he is not afraid to show weakness to him as he is the other Black Hawks, for example, after he has lost a part of his body in a fight with Castor, he let Hyuuga hold him and carry him to the regeneration tank. In the drama CD, Ayanami somehow softens and lets his guard down when Hyuuga mentions Yukikaze and tries to cheer Ayanami up. Ayanami tries to establish emotional boundaries between himself and Hyuuga, and tries to remind his subordinate that he is his boss. However, Ayanami has addressed Hyuuga as an equal on one occasion.[7]

Hyuuga, the value of your existence is not limited to fighting.

—Ayanami, on Hyuuga as a soldier.

Although Ayanami largely behaves indifferent towards Hyuuga, he has been shown to care for Hyuuga. When Hyuuga has recovered from a serious blow to the chest, Ayanami strikes him with his sword, which Hyuuga dodges, and Ayanami points out that Hyuuga's reactions are slow. Hyuuga then teases Ayanami, saying that he is worried about him, to which an annoyed Ayanami tells Hyuuga to die.

Hyuuga is able to get away without punishment for offenses that would have cost other soldiers their lives - using 'tan' to address Ayanami. (However, the pilot chapter Begleiter reveals that actually Ayanami does not like it when Hyuuga addresses him in such a way, so it is possible that Ayanami has tried to punish Hyuuga in the beginning, just that he has given up later, because punishment won't stop Hyuuga from calling him "Aya-tan".) As for why Hyuuga is not killed for that, possible reasons are that Ayanami doesn't want to lose a strong and loyal subordinate or a good friend.

Later in the series, Ayanami takes over Hyuuga's body, in order to fight the traitor Katsuragi and spare Hyuuga from having to fight him (Katsuragi). However, eventually, Hyuuga himself fights Katsuragi, and lets himself be devoured by a darkness-eating flower seed Labrador gave him, sacrificing himself to protect Ayanami.


Don't cry, your feelings touch this heart.

—Ayanami, soothing a weeping Kuroyuri.

Ayanami's attitude towards Kuroyuri may be considered pampering. Kuroyuri is able to get away with many things that others would have been punished for, as they can blatantly sleep in meetings without being punished by Ayanami at all, a possible reason being that Ayanami understands that Kuroyuri is tired since they have given half of their soul to Ayanami (in the manga, Haruse has mentioned that after Ayanami has used Kuroyuri's body, they will feel very tired).

Ayanami can be seen as a father figure to Kuroyuri, as he has comforted them when they get upset over things, e.g. when they sees Frau using Verloren's scythe and cries. Another example is when Haruse's soul is taken, Kuroyuri contemplates suicide till Ayanami berated them, telling them to live, if not for him then for Haruse. Kuroyuri is devoted and loyal to Ayanami, and also imagines Ayanami to be something of a Prince to them, as seen in a side story in the manga that when Haruse talks about a prince, Kuroyuri asks him "How can I kiss Ayanami-sama?".


Hyuuga, you have such an excellent begleiter.

—Ayanami, to Hyuuga on Konatsu's hard-working attitude.

Ayanami and Konatsu interact very little as Konatsu follows Ayanami's orders without question, giving Ayanami no reason to address him further. However it's shown in the Drama CD that Ayanami approves of Konatsu's hard-working attitude, saying to Hyuuga that Konatsu is 'such an excellent and cherishable Begleiter'. As Konatsu was born without the powers of Warsfeil, he may be the only Black Hawk who has not given half of his soul to Ayanami.

Ayanami has also defended Konatsu from Hyuuga's 'abuse' in one instance, when Hyuuga says that Konatsu should comply with his wishes simply because he's his begleiter. Ayanami refutes this, stating that only a superior who treats his subordinates with respect is worthy of such a privilege, and that Hyuuga isn't worthy of asking such a thing.


Ayanami and Haruse talk little as Haruse follows Ayanami's orders without question. However, it is likely that Ayanami approves of Haruse, as seen in a chapter in the manga that Ayanami refers to Haruse as "my important subordinate".

Ayanami was shown to value his subordinate's life, as during Haruse's battle against Mikhail, Ayanami demanded he (Haruse) switch places with him (Ayanami), which would endanger Ayanami. Even after Haruse has become a vegetable and cannot fight in battles, he is still found in Ayanami's aircraft when they go to Antwort for mission, and Ayanami asks an officer about Haruse's state, and restoring Haruse's soul was Ayanami's main motivation for attacking Castor. In the official doujinshi Supreme Sugar, Ayanami is reading all his subordinates' Christmas wishes, and he approves of only Haruse's wish.

Shuri Oak[]

Who brought this rubbish on board?

—Ayanami, expressing his annoyance that Shuri is present.

Wakaba Oak forced Shuri onto Ayanami before they went to Antwort for war, possibly hoping Ayanami might be able to turn Shuri into a better soldier. Ayanami strongly dislikes Shuri, and was very annoyed upon hearing that Shuri was his new Begleiter, as Shuri is loud, arrogant and causes trouble when he begins to panic meaning Ayanami is forced to 'baby-sit' him rather than treat him like a subordinate. Another reason why Ayanami does not want Shuri in his care is that he distrusts his father, Marshal Oak.


Ayanami was one of the reasons why Suzunami wanted to join the Black Hawks, because he had heard about the Black Hawks and their leader, liked how powerful Ayanami was, and wanted to know the secret of his strength.

In the omake Begleiter, Suzunami also appears to be jealous of Ayanami, as he feels Yukinami admires Ayanami more than him, going far enough to sabotage Yukinami's notebook, replacing the photos his brother has of Ayanami with photos of himself.


At first it appears that Ayanami distrusts Katsuragi, as he brings all the Black Hawks with him except Katsuragi for a secret mission, and Katsuragi works for Ogi as a spy, but later it is revealed that "Katsuragi" is a loyal subordinate to Ayanami (to the extent that he did a facial surgery in order to take the place of the real Katsuragi who has died) and for more than ten years he has pretended to work for Ogi to wait for an appropriate time to remove him.

Katsuragi was revealed to be Landkarte, and is thus a traitor to Ayanami and the other Black Hawks. Ayanami no longer likes or trusts Katsuragi as a result.


Ayanami appears to have high expectations of his Begleiters, having them perform to a high degree and work hard. Ayanami also mentions to Shuri Oak that he expects his Begleiter to fight on the front line, hinting that his Begleiters must be skilled fighters. Ayanami tends to treat his begleiters with the same aloofness that he treats his other subordinates with. However, for all his distant behavior with them, Ayanami is also kind towards his Begleiters and compliments them when he feels they deserve it.

Ayanami also believes in treating his begleiters with respect, if he feels they have earned it for complying with his wishes.


You can never be him... just like no one can be you. So, it will do, if you just be yourself.

—Ayanami, on Yukinami's capabilities in the Begleiter chapter.[8]

Yukinami and Suzunami follow Ayanami.

In the pilot chapter Begleiter , Yukinami appears as a cadet in the military that was selected to be Ayanami's Begleiter . At first Yukinami is shy and fearful when around Ayanami due to his reputation of sacking cadet Begleiters . Ayanami ( being evil as usual ) is cold towards him and strict when dealing with him , thinking him a nuisance and said to Hyuuga that Yukinami was useless.

However, at the end of the omake , Ayanami expresses that he actually approves of Yukinami's performance, and they become closer, Hyuuga saying Ayanami 'found another marriage partner'. Another four-panel omake from Supreme Sugar 1 shows that Ayanami is Yukinami's role model, as he has Ayanami's photos in his notebook.

Yukinami is shown to like and admire his superior, even going even as far as risking his own life to protect him when the inmate (Prisoner D-431) takes out a bomb and attempts to kill Ayanami . He idolises Ayanami so much that Suzunami get jealous and gets rid of the photos of Ayanami in Yukinami's notebook, and replaces them with photos of himself.  

In the finalized series, Yukinami's loyalty to Ayanami remains, but he appears to be somewhat less willing to attack Teito on Ayanami's orders than his twin brother Suzunami.[9]


Yukikaze was Ayanami's original (and presumably the first) Begleiter. According to the pilot chapter Begleiter, Yukikaze died defending Ayanami. 

In the Begleiter chapter, Hyuuga said that Ayanami and Yukikaze were very close, bordering on marriage, and that Yukikaze cared a great deal for Ayanami, as he "served Aya-tan without a second thought for his own life".

In the first 07-Ghost drama CD "The Love Letter which God Receives", Ayanami visits Yikikaze's grave and shows a gentle side that he doesn't show to other Black Hawks. It's possible that Ayanami may not have been so expressionless before Yukikaze's death.

Hyuuga said in the drama "Yukikaze is smiling, saying Aya-tan is a superior who is so stubborn that it's slightly embarrassing". So, it appears that Yukikaze was indulgent of Ayanami.

It seems that Ayanami still cannot forgive himself for failing to protect Yukikaze, as even though Yukikaze has been dead for more than ten years, Ayanami has been rejecting anyone who applies for that position. He still doesn't want to develop a close relationship with another Begleiter until Yukinami become his Begleiter.

Ayanami has said that "I have asked my heart countless times but the answer never come ... is it really a bliss for you to have met me?"  So, it seems that Ayanami somehow wishes that Yukikaze had never met him (as Yukikaze may still be alive if he hadn't met him, and he wouldn't have left his family and motherland to follow Ayanami to Barsburg when the latter was exiled).

Presumably, Ayanami might have harbored romantic feelings for Yukikaze, judging from the way he phrases his meetings with Yukikaze. Ayanami has also said that Yukikaze is "the only Begleiter I have loved", and that he loved when it was just the two of them. Yukikaze's death took its toll on Ayanami emotionally and physically (as Ayanami said in the drama that he felt his time had stopped since Yukikaze left him and Ayanami's desire to keep the Black Hawks close to him). When Hyuuga said "He (Yukikaze) isn't the only one who cares about you," Ayanami warned Hyuuga by pointing his sword at him.

In Kapitel 98 , it is revealed that Yukikaze was Ayanami's servant and friend even during the latter's childhood, when Ayanami was still a Raggs prince.

It's unknown if Yukikaze knows that Ayanami is Verloren's reincarnation .


Miroku Barsburg[]

Miroku with Ayanami, seen in a flashback of the Raggs War.

Ayanami was shown with Miroku during the Raggs War, suggesting that he has been Ayanami's superior for at least 10 years. The two of them share a common goal,[10] and Miroku initially entrusts Ayanami with several highly clandestine missions.

Ayanami is always polite and respectful when speaking to Miroku; always using honorific language ("Miroku-sama") to address him. This respect is genuine, as Ayanami still uses respectful language even when thinking to himself or otherwise not in Miroku's presence. He is grateful towards Miroku.[11] Ayanami initially thought very highly of Miroku, as when Miroku complimented him it was enough to make Ayanami smile brightly- something he does very rarely.[12]

As they both operate outside military regulations, there is a mutual comradeship between the two; where both parties are aware the other is breaking rules- yet do not inform higher authorities and have them arrested, or use it against them.[13] Ayanami did have a deep trust of Miroku, as he followed his orders without questioning his motives.[14]

After Ayanami discovered Miroku had been withholding information from him,[15] his thoughts on Miroku changed. Ayanami was annoyed that Miroku did not trust him. He grew suspicious of Miroku's motives, and did not trust him completely. He has seemingly abandoned any loyalty to him, as he said that the only reason he continues to work for Miroku is because he still has uses for him.

Following Wakaba's death, Miroku was convinced he was Ayanami's next target, but as of manga chapter 98, Ayanami has died, and it remains unknown if he truly intended to kill Miroku.

Wolfram Eifeler Barsburg[]

Ayanami and the Barsburg emperor have not been shown directly interacting. At first, Ayanami was loyal to the Barsburg empire and therefore Wolfram as he is Ayanami's highest superior and ruler of the Empire, but over time, lost all loyalty to him.

Wakaba Oak[]

On the surface, Ayanami appeared to respect the field marshal, as he talked with him politely. However, when Ayanami is with his close subordinates, he shows complete lack of respect, as he had no qualms referring to Wakaba as "Oak" with absolutely no respect for his status. He regarded the field marshal as an obstacle due to how he would likely just simply kill Teito, who was unknown to him Ayanami's nephew and the Pandora Box, which he needs to regain his immortal body,[16] and ruthlessly used the half of Fest's powers he had managed to devour earlier in the series to kill Wakaba. Later, he made use of Wakaba's death to enter the Oak House, a God House, and find Relikt.



So far, Mikhail and Verloren have had little direct interaction, but it is probable that Mikhail knows Verloren, as Mikhail is a heavenly being who has lived for very long, and obviously knows about Verloren's scythe and the existence of the Seven Ghosts. In Kapitel 68 , it is proved that Mikhail knows Verloren, as the angel spoke with the previous generation of Seven Ghosts about Verloren and Pandora's Box.

It is probable that Mikhail hates Verloren for causing Mikhail's beloved master , Teito physically and emotionally suffer in his (Verloren's) current reincarnation, Ayanami, and it is equally likely that Verloren hates the angel in return, as Mikhail seals Pandora's Box, Verloren's true body, through the Eye of Mikhail, and is allied with the Seven Ghosts, whom Verloren resents as they are 'just his replicas'. Ayanami refers to Mikhail as 'an unmanageable person' and 'that angel'. 

During the military's attempts to brainwash the archangel in Kapitel 79 , Ayanami successfully managed to brainwash after Ayanami reveals that Teito is wired to a machine that releases brainwaves that making Teito freaks out and feels uncomfortable . However, both Mikhail and Teito eventually managed to overcome the brainwashing when the sight of Frau resulted in the return of Teito's memories. [17]

Mikhail may have been one of the inhabitants of Heaven whom the Chief of Heaven spoke to about Verloren's defect in Kapitel 89. It is likely that Mikhail has known Verloren for a very long time, both of them being gods. 


As Raphael seals Verloren's memories through the Eye of Raphael and, like Mikhail, is allied with the Seven Ghosts, it is likely that Ayanami hates Raphael as much as he hates the Ghosts, and Ayanami has injured Raphael's beloved master, Ouka. As Verloren, Ayanami has probably known Raphael for a very long time, both of them being gods.

Roseamanelle Ouka Barsburg (OR-0007)[]

Ayanami does not care about Ouka nor does he respect her despite Ouka technically being his superior, as he coldly told her that she cannot win against him because she is a replica and ruthlessly threw her into a wall with such force that several cracks formed in the wall from the impact, but left her alive still, implying that he did not dislike her enough to kill her, although this was likely out of some remnants of his loyalty to the Empire, as Ouka is the future Empress, but would not hesitate to use violence against her.

King Antwort[]

King Antwort resents Ayanami, insulting him by the names of a "Barsburg dog" and "low-born Warsfeil". Ayanami seems to not return the resentment, as he tried to get him to hand over Pandora Box willingly, implying that he would spare him if he did. However, when King Antwort insulted Ayanami's family, it was the last straw and Ayanami brutally and ruthlessly killed him.

With people from Verloren's past[]

Verloren himself[]

Despite the fact that Ayanami is the current reincarnation of Verloren, Verloren does not seem to be very concerned about Ayanami's wishes and well-being. When Verloren is controlling Ayanami, Ayanami behaves more impulsively than usual, such as when he attacked Profe/Labrador in a fit of rage, something Ayanami would never have done in his right mind. Hyuuga has also mentioned that Ayanami is unable to sleep at night due to the effect of Verloren's insanity on Ayanami's mind.


You have... a sad wish... but even if you obtain your body, what you truly desire, you won't hold in your hands again.

—Labrador, to Ayanami about his wish to find Eve.

Ayanami, as the current reincarnation of Verloren, retains his love for her and wants to find Eve above all else after regaining his memories as Verloren, and shows no interest in any other woman. He is far more than willing to commit treason towards his empire despite his initial nationalism, showing his attachment to her far exceeds his loyalty to Barsburg Empire. Eventually, it was his final meeting with Eve that allowed Ayanami to finally ascend to Heaven.


Ayanami hates Frau for being a "replica", being an obstacle towards his ultimate goal of regaining his body, and wielding Verloren's scythe. 

Frau was aware Ayanami was Verloren before the series begun, as he hoped that "he hadn't awoken". Frau is in possession of Verloren's scythe which annoys Ayanami and the Black Hawks. Ayanami, in turn tells Frau to use it wisely as it is destined to return to him one day. 

In one drama CD, set after the final episode of the anime, Ayanami scathingly calls Frau a "fool" and a "peasant," and steals one of Frau's lines which he was scripted to say, much to Frau's irritation.

It is worth noting that both Frau and Ayanami are possessive and protective of Teito (though for rather different reasons). This could be another reason for their rivalry and mutual hatred.

Chief of Heaven[]

This foolish little garden created by the Chief of Heaven will be overrun by a feast of madness and ruin.

—Ayanami, on his plans for the demise of the Chief of Heaven's arrangement, Kapitel 45.

Hyuuga: What will you pray for, Aya-tan?
Ayanami: The death of God.

—An exchange between Ayanami and Hyuuga.

Ayanami retains the hatred Verloren gained for the Chief when the latter accused him of killing Eve and sent the Seven Ghosts to punish him. In episode 19, Ayanami smiled at Castor mockingly, saying "There is no God in this world". Ayanami has also said that he prays for the "death of God". Despite this, however, he was grateful when the Chief pardoned him and let him ascend to Heaven and seems to have lost his hatred after such an uncharacteristically forgiving act.


As compared to his attitude towards Frau/Zehel and Castor/Fest, Ayanami/Verloren seems to like Labrador/Profe somewhat more, calling him 'beautiful Profe', and retreating after an attack in an attempt to capture Teito and bring him back to the military instead of harming Labrador/Profe (episode 20).

In Kapitel 46 , it is shown that Ayanami/Verloren did not hesitate to attack Labrador/Profe when the latter prophesied that he (Verloren) would not be able to hold Eve in his arms again, suggesting that though Verloren may be biased in favour of Profe, this bias is still limited. As with the other Ghosts, Ayanami/Verloren wants to devour Profe so that he (Ayanami/Verloren) can regain all of his original powers.

Raggs Family[]

Ayanami makes very little, if any, mention of his affiliation with the Raggs family until Kapitel 90. Despite the fact that he doesn't mention his Raggs bloodline to anyone and his ruthlessness towards them, Ayanami nevertheless does seem to harbor some care for them, becoming offended when others insult them. When King Antwort calls Ayanami a "Barsburg dog," Ayanami barely reacts to the insult. However, when King Antwort calls Ayanami a 'low-born Warsfeil', Ayanami was angered enough that he attacks and decapitates him.

He is the younger sibling of Weldeschtein Krom Raggs and Fea Kreuz, making him Teito's biological uncle. According to Millea Klein, one of his sisters-in-law and Teito's mother, Ayanami was deeply loved by his family, but died of unknown causes during childhood (though it turns out that Millea was mistaken or given the wrong information, and Ayanami actually fled to Barsburg to escape execution for being a Warsfeil).

Teito Klein[]

Ayanami and Teito

Teito and Ayanami have a rather complicated relationship, having a strong mutual dislike, yet also occasionally demonstrating mutual respect and genuine concern for each other's well-being.

Teito and his father with the portrait of the deceased Raggs king with his wife and sons

In Kapitel 90 , it's revealed that Ayanami is Teito's uncle by blood . A brief flashback show Krom and Tiashe with the portrait of the deceased Raggs king (top left) with his wife and sons ( Krom , Kruez , Krowell ) . Millea Klein confirmed that Krom had at least two sbilings ( Kreuz and Krowell ) . Krowell was deeply loved by his siblings , but died when he was young . Teito don't believed that there is a ridiculous story for Ayanami to be within his precious family .

Ayanami initially considered Teito an obstacle to obtaining Pandora's Box. After Teito's perceived theft of the Eye of Mikhail, Ayanami saw it as a challenge to the Barsburg Empire, and sought to kill him himself.[18] Ayanami is always the superior out of the two of them whenever they fight and true to being Teito's nemesis, has done many things to make him suffer. In all those altercations, he seems to reveal a desire to have Teito give in to the darkness, as he always mocks his lack of dependence on his dark emotions. He is frustrated by his lack of success in corrupting Teito.

However, during Teito's time in the Black Hawks, Ayanami shows kindness to Teito several times, and demonstrates concern for his (Teito's) health. Ayanami also openly considers him to be the his most hard-working subordinate and it should be noted that rather than simply subtly returning the Eye to Teito and having him open Pandora's Box and then have him killed, Ayanami instead chose to keep Teito alive longer by killing Wakaba Oak, an act that was uncharacteristic enough that even Kal noted the potential of Ayanami being strongly attached to his nephew and willing to kill anyone who tries to harms him. Near the end of the series, Ayanami uncharacteristically refused Teito's desperate offer of help and sacrificed himself to keep Teito safe, and Teito said that although he still found it hard to forgive Ayanami, he didn't want Ayanami to die because they are family.

As Verloren , he appears to like Teito or at least doesn't dislike him enough to want to hurt him . In Kapitel 94 , Teito notes that even though Pandora's Box was opened and Verloren has captured him , Verloren wasn't targeting or attack him . Teito remembered that it was the same way when he first became the Pandora's Box : Verloren hadn't tried to attacked or tried to hurt him either

In the anime, Ayanami seems to have little to no personal resentment towards Teito but resents his softness and Teito hates Ayanami much more than in the manga. However, in their final battle, Ayanami has shown that he wishes to corrupt and recruit Teito, as when he confronted him, he said that he had a far more suitable job than a Bishop for him. He also taunts him to give in to his darkness, implying that not only does Ayanami want the information on Pandora's Box, he also desires to have him at his side, likely as he acknowledged that while Teito is no match for him, he is nevertheless very formidable and should he give in to the darkness, he will be even more fierce. It has been implied that Ayanami kept tabs on Teito to see his improvement and value whether he is worth of being his soldier or not, as he himself openly said that he knew how much Teito had changed and orchestrated their whole fight to see whether he is worthy of being his soldier or not.

Interestingly, despite their mutual animosity in the series, they seem to be somewhat friendlier towards each other in bonus material e.g. omakes and some of the drama CDs. Ayanami even once claimed that they cannot live without each other in the drama CD track "Escape".

Weldeschtein Krom Raggs[]

According to Millea Klein , Krowell was deeply loved by his siblings, but died during childhood. It is as yet unknown why Krowell/Ayanami betrayed his family and killed his brothers.

Despite his ruthlessness towards Krom, Ayanami seems to respect his brother , as he constantly refers to him as the King of Raggs , and never once called him by his name until his final battle with Teito. However, Ayanami also resents his brother's immediate fondness for strangers, as shown in Kapitel 97, where Ayanami calls him a hypocrite for such a trait.

Fea Kreuz[]

Fea Kreuz was Ayanami's second older brother. However, while Kreuz was said to be loving towards him, Ayanami had no qualms killing and devouring him to gain his power.

However, Ayanami nevertheless holds his brother's intelligence and way of dealing with things in a high regard, as he knew that Kreuz would not die without leaving something behind, implying he knows his brother well enough. He grew to resent him due to his protection of Teito as he was enraged when he realized Kreuz protected Teito's memories about Pandora's Box, making it so that no one could view them.

Vanessa Antwort[]

Ayanami knows of Vanessa, as he once talked to her father, and has mentioned her to Hyuuga. Although it was never outright revealed, it was quite likely that Ayanami, who values loyalty above all else, held nothing but disgust and spite for her actions of betraying his brother, along with having killed her father.



Ayanami appears to have a great affinity for animals, as he has many pets.[19] Despite the fact that he hasn't been shown harming any of his pets, most of them are afraid of him: his fish become startled and catatonic with fear and float belly-up at the top of their tank; his rabbits huddle together in fear instead of eating; his iguana hides from him; his flamingo hides in a corner of its cage; and his python hides up on top of a large tree branch to keep away from him.

Black Panthers[]

Ayanami's panthers greet him.

Ayanami's black panthers appear in the Supreme Sugar dojinshi and the official manga, as well as the anime, as Ayanami's pets.

Ayanami and his panthers have a mutual affection for each other. Unlike all his other pets, who cower with fear at Ayanami's presence, Ayanami's black panthers are very affectionate towards him whenever he comes to feed them, jumping up at him and licking his face. In return, Ayanami enjoys bringing his panthers with him on missions, and they are also seen once on his Ribidzile in the manga and anime.[20]


Ayanami, as Verloren's reincarnation, is able to control the Kor to do his bidding. It's implied that he uses the Kor to spy on the happenings in the church, showing that he can use them to gather information. The Kor often appear disguised in the form of hawks with sharp talons and beaks to make them more inconspicuous.

Before his fall from grace, Verloren was often shown spending time with the Kor in Heaven. The Kor have been shown to respect him, referring to him as 'Verloren-sama'.


The Warsfeil know that Ayanami is the reincarnation of their master, Verloren. Thus, like the Kor, they respect him, and also call him 'Verloren-sama'.


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  5. Shown in: Episode 19; when Kuroyuri was fighting Castor, Ayanami refused to abandon him/her even when he was in great pain.
    Kapitel 19, when he was willing to be the one who Mikhail attacked instead of Haruse.
    Episode 25, when he put himself in the line of fire to buy his subordinates some time to escape.
  6. In the official character correlation chart, Ayanami thinks Hyuuga is "too frivolous".
  7. The first drama CD, Ayanami asks Hyuuga to join him in a drink on Yukikaze's behalf.
  8. In the Begleiter chapter, Ayanami says: "お前はアイツにはなれない... お前の代わりを誰にもできないようにな だからお前はお前のままでよいのだ".
  9. During the Hawkzile Race, Suzunami does not hesitate to attack Teito, but Yukinami does, and looks uncertain.
  10. The official character correlation chart says Ayanami and Miroku "have the same goals".
  11. In the manga, Ayanami says he still owes Miroku for his help.
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  13. Ayanami was annoyed at Miroku withholding information, and said he would be severely punished for doing so, yet did not tell any other officers of Miroku's offences.
  14. In Kapitel 28 it is shown that Ayanami ordered one of his subordinates to give Teito Kreuz's pass because Miroku told he to, and he did not know why Miroku wanted Teito to have Kreuz's pass.
  15. Miroku did not tell Ayanami that he has been hiding the last heir to the Raggs Kingdom and the Eye of Mikhail from the Barsburg Army till much later.
  16. In Kapitel 75, it is revealed that Verloren killed Wakaba Oak because the former wanted to take the post of Barsburg Army's field marshal (as the field marshal has the right to decide how the Eyes should be used). Ayanami killed Marshal Oak almost as soon as he captured Teito Klein, meaning that the Marshal didn't have a chance to give an order as to how to deal with the host of Mikhail's Eye. Since Wakaba holds the view that the army should kill the host, it is possible that Ayanami struck first by killing the field marshal to prevent him from killing Teito Klein.
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