Ayanami's Black Panthers
アヤナミ・の・黒・豹 Ayanami no kuro hyou
Ayanami with panthers
Ayanami with his two panthers.
Aliases None
Species Feline
Nationality Unknown
Gender Unknown
Age Unknown (adult)
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Alive
Relatives Unknown
Professional status
Occupation Pets
Affiliation Ayanami
Manga Kapitel 7
Anime Episode 9
Japanese NA

Ayanami's black panthers are his favorite pets. There are two of them. They appear in the manga, Supreme Sugar dojinshi, and the anime.


Being black panthers, they appear as large felines with black fur and long tails.


They are very brave and rather than being afraid of Ayanami, show him affection and respect, calling him "honorable master", and are always happy to see him, standing up, putting their paws on Ayanami's shoulders and licking him affectionately whenever they see him. They are also obedient to him and when with him, sit quietly beside him (anime).


At some point in time, they became Ayanami's pets and developed a good relationship with him.

What will become of them after Ayanami's death is unknown, though it is likely that the remaining Black Hawks will take care of them for Ayanami's sake.


Throughout the series, they appear briefly a few times, and are always seen with Ayanami.

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