Aspiration 01
General information
Volume number 6
Chapter number 34.5
Number of pages 23
Cover Phrase What lies ahead is the place I aim for...
Cover Character(s) Konatsu
Anime counterpart NA
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Preceded by
Kapitel 34
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Kapitel 35

Extra: Aspiration is a side chapter in the 07-Ghost manga series. It was released alongside Kapitel 34 and is the first extra chapter that is not a Supreme Sugar.


Konatsu reflects that he was a very ordinary child: born a human in the Warren Family, a family consisting of many Warsfeil. He is shunned by his family as an "ill omen", but his grandfather advised him to aspire to join The Black Hawks so he could use his skill with a sword to protect the reincarnation of Verloren. Konatsu applied to join the Black Hawks, but was rejected due to him being human, causing him to despair.

A short while later, he comes across Hyuuga practising with a katana, with Konatsu assuming that Hyuuga is an Academy instructor. Hyuuga offers to give Konatsu his katana if Konatsu could land one hit on him, and the two proceeded to duel while Haruse, Kuroyuri and Katsuragi watch.

While duelling, Konatsu repeatedly strikes out at Hyuuga, but is unable to land a blow on him. Hyuuga, however, is able to cut Konatsu's arm and break a few ribs- leaving Konatsu on the floor. Hyuuga announces that the fight is over, but Konatsu refuses to allow this and shouts for Hyuuga to continue. The fight continues, with Konatsu still refusing to allow Hyuuga to end the fight until he (Konatsu) faints. When Hyuuga checks to see if Konatsu is all right, Konatsu unconsciously grabs Hyuuga by the throat: scoring the 'hit'. 

Konatsu wakes up in hospital a while later and is greeted by Hyuuga. Still thinking that Hyuuga is an instructor, Konatsu thanks him but Hyuuga then reveals he is actually a member of the Black Hawks, and hands Konatsu his (Hyuuga's) katana and an acceptance form from the Black Hawks. Touched, Konatsu watches Hyuuga leave and prepares for the start of a new life as a Black Hawk.

Characters in order of AppearanceEdit

Quotes from this ExtraEdit

  • 'Hehe, teasing the newcomer.' (Kuroyuri, while watching Konatsu and Hyuuga duel)
  • 'There was carnage inscribed in that blade.' (Konatsu, remembering his first impression of Hyuuga using his katana)
  • 'I don't need that family, and I don't need you.' (Konatsu to Hyuuga while duelling)


  • This is the only chapter in which Konatsu's family appears.
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