アルカディ Arukadi
Arcady, standing behind his/her owner, Eve.
Aliases None
Species Horse
Nationality Heaven
Gender Unknown
Age Possibly ageless [1]
Birthday Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Personal status
Status Unknown
Relatives Unknown
Professional status
Occupation Pet
Affiliation Heaven
Manga Kapitel 53
Anime NA
Japanese NA

Arcady is a minor character that only appeared in manga chapter 53. It was Eve's horse. 


A place called 'Arcady' is mentoned in line 7 of John Keats's poem 'Ode On A Grecian Urn'. [2]'Arcady' is also mentioned in line 9 of the poem 'The Garden of Proserpina' by A.S. Byatt (writing as Randolph Henry Ash).



Arcady seems to trust Eve, as she was able to calm it down, and it did not mind Verloren's presence once Eve felt at ease around him.

Manga synopsisEdit

When Eve first met Verloren, she was riding Arcady through a forest in Heaven. Halfway through Eve's conversation with Verloren, she dismounted from Arcady to get a closer look at some falling Flower of Eden petals, and Arcady was not shown in further panels after she dismounted, suggesting that the horse left on its own.

Arcady was also briefly seen standing on top of the cliff Eve was hanging from while returning a chick to its nest. What became of the horse after Eve's death is unknown. 


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