Antwort Palace
アントヴォルト Antowooruto kyuuden
Antwort palace as seen in the manga.
Physical information
Location Antwort
Position Royal palace
Home of the Antwort Family
Manga Kapitel 26
Anime NA
Location on map

Antwort Palace was the residence of the King of Antwort and possibly his queen, as well as his daughter Vanessa Antwort before she married Weldeschtein Krom Raggs.


The palace is dome-shaped. It is defended by cannons from four sides.


Little is known about the palace's history. It may have been built for the first Antwort royals in the early days of the kingdom. The palace has probably been standing for at least ten years. [1]


  1. Vanessa married Krom when Teito (who is now 16) was a child, and the Antwort royalty were evidently an established and influential royal family by then, for Raggs to want to form an alliance with them. Considering King Antwort's and Vanessa's arrogant personalities, they presumably would not have wanted to live anywhere other than a palace.
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