Antwort Family
アントヴォルト家 Antovorutoke
Biographical information
Nationality Antwort
Current Head of House None (no surviving members)
Political information
Position Royalty
Home Antwort Palace
Manga Kapitel 26
Anime NA

The Antwort Family is the royal family of the fallen kingdom of Antwort.

Physical AppearanceEdit

They tend to be fair-haired with a light skin tone and medium build (considering King Antwort and Princess Vanessa's height).


Considering the Antwort members who have appeared so far, they seem to be arrogant. A person's birth or social status is also important to them, as Vanessa does not respect Millea because of her social status/birth (a commoner, a concubine; referring to her as "that concubine" instead of calling her "Millea"), and King Antwort scorns Ayanami when he sees him, saying he is a low-born Warsfeil. Antworts also seem to be short-tempered and prone to angry outbursts.

Family TreeEdit

          King AntwortVanessa's Mother 
                    Vanessa Antwort
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