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Government Edit

Antwort is a monarchy, and the Antwort King holds all of the power in the country. During the War with Barsburg he was slain by Ayanami. It remains a monarchy, only now being controlled by the Barsburg King.


Despite having a small size, or possibly because of it, Antwort boasts weapons that are far larger and more advanced than weapons used by the other Districts for protection.

Anti-battleship shieldEdit

The "crowning glory of the country". Antwort is protected by a large, anti-battleship shield that encloses the entire country. Rumoured to be the strongest shield in Barsburg, it is able to withstand the fire power of a fleet of thirty Ribidzile ships,[1] but it was easily dismantled by Ayanami's power.



The cannons in Antwort.

Antwort appears to be armed with a huge array of artillery surrounding the main buildings, such as the Royal Palace, as well as the country's borders.

Smaller cannons are made of metal, and stand on two metal legs, while larger ones appear to be large spherical dome turrets with a large cluster of guns in a gatling-like fashion.

Around the edge of the muzzle similar writing to that in a Zaiphon is engraved into the metal, which suggests that the cannons fire artificial Zaiphon, that they siphon from the earth. (Page 09).

Hand-held weaponsEdit

  • Claws and Spears:
    In a combat scene in manga chapter 26, soldiers in Antwort were shown wearing four, metal claws that were attached to their gloves. There were also soldiers using weapons that resembled tridents.
  • Swords: Wielded perhaps mainly by battle slaves of the empire as nowhere else in the Kapitel was it seen used (if any they were of very minimal appearance). Hyuuga when he encountered the twins Suzunami and Yukinami was almost caught in the blades of the two (Page 15-18), but skillfully manipulated things to his advantage using his powers.


  1. Said by an Antwort foot soldier in Kapitel 26, page 03
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