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Being a tiny country, Antwort has a small population. 

Physical appearanceEdit

The men of Antwort have square jaws and wear their hair short. Young men are clean shaven, though older men sport moustaches. Fair-coloured hair appears common.

Considering Princess Vanessa's appearance, women of Antwort may tend to keep their hair long and elaborately styled on one side.

Since Antwort gets little exposure to sunlight, it is plausible that the denizens of Antwort generally have pale skin.


Military uniformsEdit


Yukinami and Suzunami wearing the typical military garb.

Standard military uniformsEdit

Due to the cold weather, soldiers from Antwort typically wear a light-coloured, ankle-length overcoat made from a thick fabric, trimmed with fur around the neck and sleeve cuffs. The overcoat is fastened with buttons positioned to the right side of the torso, and they wear belts and shoulder straps that go across the body.

Aviator hats: hats with ear-flaps and a chin strap, are lined with fur and worn to protect the head from the cold. The emblem of Antwort is stitched onto the rim of the cap. They wear thick gloves. Fighters wear goggles.

Battle sklavesEdit

Along with the standard uniform, battle sklaves wear the standard sklave identification collars

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