天使 Tenshi
Mikhail angel
Mikhail, an example of an angel
General information
Appearance Humanoid
Habitat Heaven
Status Native to Heaven
Uses Subordinates of the Chief of Heaven
Anime Episode 7
Manga Kapitel 8

Angels in the 07-Ghost universe are heavenly subordinates of the Chief of Heaven. Mikhail and Raphael are the only angels, or at least the only angels who play prominent roles, in the series.


Physical appearanceEdit

Going by Mikhail's true appearance, angels in the 07-Ghost universe somewhat resemble humans, but are much larger than humans, and have large, feathered white wings. As they are gods, it is presumed that angels in the 07-Ghost universe physically appear young regardless of their true ages.


Mikhail's true appearance may indicate that male angels wear long, loose robes around their hips that expose their upper bodies. A statue of a female angel in Bastien's room may indicate that female angels also wear robes. However, the appearance of the statue suggests that female angels' robes have sleeves that end above the elbows, and do not expose any part of their upper bodies, unlike male angels' robes.

Going by the appearance of Mikhail's true form, angels in the 07-Ghost universe wear visors, necklaces and bracelets with the symbol of the Barsburg cross engraved on them.


They are presumably immortal (Mikhail and Raphael are immortal). If Mikhail's and Raphael's attitudes towards humankind are anything to go by, angels in the 07-Ghost universe dislike and feel contempt towards humankind in general, but are affectionate towards humans with pure and beautiful souls. Mikhail and Raphael have demonstrated that archangels are skilled fighters and can be highly aggressive.

It seems that if angels in the 07-Ghost universe descend to the human world, they need to bind themselves to human vessels, as Mikhail and Raphael are bound to protect the Raggs and Barsburg royal families through the Eyes of Mikhail and Raphael. This further proves the fact that in the 07-Ghost universe, all living things need a body and a soul to live in the human world.

Angels in the 07-Ghost universe presumably speak the language of the gods, and are also able to speak human languages if necessary.


  • There is a statue of an unnamed female angel in Bastien's room. If not for the fact that Mikhail uses male pronouns when talking about Raphael, this statue might be assumed to be Raphael, since he is heavily associated with the Barsburg Empire and Bastien is a Barsburg loyalist. 
  • On page 9 of manga chapter 21, an image of Mikhail surrounded by four smaller winged creatures is shown. It is possble that the four smaller winged creatures, which resemble putti, are another type of angel in the 07-Ghost universe.
  • Neither Mikhail nor Raphael has ever made any mention of other angels in the series, leaving the existence of other angels in the series ambiguous. Whether the Heavenly Guards and the Chief of Heaven's Advisors are angels is unclear.
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